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Internship- AppCard Inc.

No description

shani oren

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Internship- AppCard Inc.

Internship- AppCard Inc.
My POS list required A LOT of online research
After learning at the company about the financial "ecosystem" and the role of POS systems, I started working on a unique POS list that, one day, will contain all the existing POS lists in the market (estimated at 1000).
It is a one of a kind list; you wouldn't be able to find another summary document like this one.
It is rather secretive- because AppCard is a start-up, it is important to keep quite about the work that is done in the company.
I've been authorized to share this document with you!
The office
My "job"
Lead Generation:
Generating lists, contacts, and information about potential customers and partners for the business (AppCard).

In addition:
Franchise listing for an upcoming event.
Data correction of existing leads.
Data scanning for fraud; usage information and point summaries.

The POS (Point Of Sale) list; 342 and counting.
Getting to the office was sometimes tricky
Links to the other Documents:
Franchise List:


Among the lead - generation documents I've created:
POS listing
Franchises attending the Franchise Expo at Javits Center in a couple of weeks.
Chamber of Commerce listing
Coffee Fest acquired leads
Although there was a lot of work involved, I never forgot the fact that I was at the heart of NYC
My desk
But it was
worth it
The people were great
And so was the after hours "potential customers researching"
Overall, It was a great experience.
- I got a taste of the

real world
- I got to some conclusions about
career choice
- although the internship was
I could never work in an office my whole life. This helped me realize that my other choices, International Affairs or Medicine, might be a better fit for me.
- I got to
experience NYC
the way I always wanted to, a month before I return to Israel for my IDF service.
The bus trips
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