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Ergonomics and Keyboarding

By Sanchit and Shayone

Sanchit Bhandari

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Ergonomics and Keyboarding

Keep your body in upright position while working at a desk
Use a cushion as a back support
Use a footrest
Adjust your chair so that your eye level is in line with the screen level
Workplace Ergonomics And Keyboarding
Increase productivity
Improve quality of work
Reduces discomfort
Improves employee engagement
Helps remove stress
Benefits of Ergonomics
Viewing angle
Use natural white light for clear view
Use anti-glare screen on the monitor to reduce the monitor glare
Use adjustable lamps so that the light doesn't increase the glare on the screen
Ergonomic Laptop Use

Sit far enough away from the laptop so that your elbows are straight
Adjust the screen to maintain proper posture and viewing level
Use a laptop stand if you are using a laptop for extended periods of time.
Use portable or bluetooth keyboards to ease the pressure on wrists
Neat and Orderly workplace
Bend knees, bring the load close to your body, and stand
When turning, turn with your feet, not your back or neck
Do NOTHING that could strain your back or neck muscles
Use a step stool or platform to reach loads above your head
For bulky and oversized loads, get help or use mechanical aids
Get a good grip i.e. use the handles when available
Repeat user
(cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr
(cc) photo by tudor on Flickr
Office ergonomics improves employee well-being and prevents long-term injuries
Posture, lighting, and positioning all affect health and productivity
Back pain is a leading cause of doctor's visits
A healthy work place is a productive workplace which can be achieved by following proper ergonomics
Proper Keyboarding can avoid discomfort
Proper Keyboarding techniques can help you type faster
Sanchit Bhandari
Shayone Nadesar

Use document trays to organize your documents
Place the CPU in the CPU cabinets so that you can get more work space on the desk
Prioritize your work between documentation and the work that needs to be done on the computer
Organize your workplace so that your tools are in easy reach and does not put stress on hands and shoulders
What is Ergonomics?
Ergonomics- Is the correct way of positioning your self in your work environment to relieve stress and get work done more efficiently
A fun instructional video
Lifting heavy loads
What is keyboarding
What is Ergonomics?
Benefits of Ergonomics
What is Keyboarding?
Benefits of Keyboarding correctly
How they are related
Table of Contents
Proper Ergonomics
Evaluation and Feedback...
keyboarding- entering data using a
on various devices
Proper Keyboarding Technique
Start with fingers on home row
Either index fingers on F and J
Center body in line with space key
Sit up tall and lean slightly forward
Eyes on the monitor
Keep wrists off desk
How are Ergonomics and Keyboarding Related?
People make ergonomic keyboards
Both, if done correctly can lead to a more successful and safe workplace
They both help relieve stress and pain
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