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English Essay Analysis Assignment

Television Addiction Essay

Alisha Kay

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of English Essay Analysis Assignment

Television Addiction Marie Winn Literary Elements Direct statements made
by the author to support the
thesis Methods used by the author to convince the reader to agree with her point Thesis How is television addiction similar to the addictions to drugs and alcohol? "Just as alcoholics are only vaguely aware of
their addiction, feeling that they control their drinking more than they really do, many people overestimate their control over television watching." (pg. 38, par.4) "With television's easy gratifications available, those other activities seem to take too much effort." (pg.38, par.4) The television addiction promotes unproductive behaviour. "They are aware that it is an unproductive experience, that by any human measure almost any other endeavor is more worthwhile." (pg.38, par.6) The author compares the addiction with serious addiction like; drugs and alcohol.
She also provides ideas from psychiatrists and psychologists in order to support her points.
Bases essay on a research study conducted by Robin Smith. "In a way, the lives of heavy viewers are as unbalanced by their television "habit" as drug addicts' or alcoholics' lives." (pg.38, par. 6) "Other alternatives may seem to become progressively more remote." (pg. 39, par. 11) Counterpoint Simile Hyperbole Definition Essay - Extended explanation or definition of a term, object or concept - Easier for reader if you transition from general to specific - When new terms are introduced begin by using it in a context that the reader will be familiar with - To make the reader more familiar with the term the author must define it as a part of a larger class of objects or ideas - Main goal is to familiarize reader to the context as much as possible by using analogies as well as examples - Explain why the example is a good one and why it is a good to represent the term being discussed in the essay
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