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The Higher Power of Lucky!!!

Language Arts, Exam Project Second Nine Weeks

Caitlin Wright

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Higher Power of Lucky!!!

Introduction: Climax: Falling Action: Caitlin Wright
Language Arts, 7-2
12 December 2012 Rising Action: Lucky sees Brigitte's suitcase lying out. In the suitcase is her passport. This leads Lucky to believe Brigitte is tired of being her guardian, and that she will return to her home in France, so Lucky decides to run away from home. Lucky decides to take control of her own life by running away from home. She takes along HMS Beagle, and her survival kit. She is sure that her survival kit will protect her. A strong windstorm comes upon Lucky. This changes her plan to leave Hard Pan. What she expects and what really happens are not the same. However, Lucky realizes that good things may happen when you least expect them to. Conclusion: Rating: Lucky is a 10 year old girl who lives in a small town called Hard Pan. After her mother died, her father called upon his first wife ex-wife, Brigitte, to come and take care of her. Lucky fears that Brigitte will leave her, so she seeks help from her "Higher Power". Outside of town, Lucky finds Miles, who was lost and injured from the storm, so she takes him with her. Lincoln then joins them, and tells them that the rest of the town is looking for them. They take shelter in the dugouts near an abandoned mine and wait out the storm. Brigitte finds them and she takes Lucky home. She explains to Lucky that the papers Lucky found in the suitcase were actually papers to legally adopt her. She also tells her of her plans to open a restaurant in Hard Pan. I liked the character of Lucky because she was interesting, and well developed. She seemed like a person who was determined to take care of herself. I also liked the fact that Brigitte took care of Lucky as if she was her very own. Therefore, I rate the book a four out of five stars. Setting: This story takes place in a current time, in Hard Pan, California. Tone: Quote: Characters: Synopsis: The tone of this novel is
dedicated, adventurous, and confident. "A ward must stay alert, carry a well-equipped survival kit at all times, and watch out for danger signs - because of the strange and terrible and good bad things that happen when you least expect them to." The Higher Power of Lucky features a 10 year old girl who lives in a small town called Hard Pan. Her mother died which left her father to call upon his first ex-wife, Brigitte, to come from France and care for Lucky.

Lucky finds a suitcase with Brigitte's passport in it, so. she is convinced that she is about to be abandoned. She decides to run away from home. During this time, a windstorm comes through which makes her take cover. She runs into her friends, and is later found by Brigitte who explains to her why she had the passport. Lucky: The main character - a ten year old girl.

Lucille: Lucky's mother who died.

Lucky's father: Name not listed.

HMS Beagle: Lucky's dog

Short Sammy - a short alcoholic.

Brigitte - Lucky's legal guardian.

Lincoln - Lucky's friend.

Miles - A five year old boy (also a friend).

Dot: A bossy woman.

The Captain: A former airline pilot.

Mrs. Mildred: Miles' grandmother.

Sandy: A bus driver.

Mrs. McBeam: Lucky's 5th grade teacher.

Ms. Baum-Izzart: The Principle.

Chesterfield: The burro.

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