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My Father Goes To Court


John Paul Andrew Castillo

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of My Father Goes To Court

Close Family Ties
Joy and Humor
My Father Goes to Court
Carlos Bulosan
John Paul Andrew L. Castillo
Exploring the Filipino Family in Carlos Bulosan’s My Father Goes to Court
This story happens here in Luzon wherein it shows the life of the poor and the rich family. The poor family are always happy, the kids are playing outside and gaining Vitamin D from the sun while their neighbor are just enjoying the ambiance of their house. Their comes the time that when the maids of the rich family are cooking, the members of the poor family are all outside and adoring the aroma of the food. Then suddenly, one day all of the members of the rich family are coughing and becoming weak and they blame this to the poor family because they are stealing the spirit of the food. They bring it to the court and the father in the poor family said that he will pay for the damage, he collected coins and put it in his hat, then he start shaking his hat and make some noise out of the coins. The sound of it was the spirit of money being the replacement on the spirit of the food which is said to be absorbed by the poor family. They got the side of the judge and they all start laughing.
Filipino Values
Sociable/People Oriented
Close Family Ties/Family Oriented
Joy and Humor
As we all know, family is the smallest unit of the society, wherein a family plays a significant role in a community. If a family loves and respects each member then, there will be love and respect in the whole community. The behavior of the members of the family definitely affects others. Just like in this story, since the ordinary family lives happily although they are not rich, the neighbors are happy too. They even join the family in their laughter. Because of this, they have a harmonious relationship among the members of the community.
Carlos Bulosan (1914-1956) had written many pleasantly humorous stories. He's also a popular literary figure. He was born in Binalonan, Pangasinan and died in Seattle, Washington after suffering from a long illness.
"We were always in the best of spirits and our laughter was contagious. Other neighbors who passed by our house often stopped in our yard and joined us in laughter.”
"We made so much noise that all our neighbors except the rich family came into the yard and joined us in loud, genuine laughter.”
"Sometimes, in the morning, our whole family stood outside the windows of the rich man’s house and listened to the musical sizzling of thick strips of bacon or ham.”
“Do you or do you not agree that while the complainant’s servants cooked and fried fat legs of lambs and young chicken breasts, you and your family hung outside your windows and inhaled the heavenly spirit of the food?”

“I agree,” Father said.
"Another time one of my sisters suddenly started screaming in the middle of the night. Mother reached her first and tried to calm her. My sister criedand groaned. When father lifted the lamp, my sister stared at us with shame in her eyes.
“What is it?” other asked.
“I’m pregnant!” she cried.
“Don’t be a fool!” Father shouted.
“You’re only a child,” Mother said.
“I’m pregnant, I tell you!” she cried.
Father knelt by my sister. He put his hand on her belly and rubbed it gently. “How do you know you are pregnant?” he asked.
“Feel it!” she cried.
We put our hands on her belly. There was something moving inside. Father was frightened. Mother was shocked. “Who’s the man?” she asked.
“There’s no man,” my sister said.
‘What is it then?” Father asked.
Suddenly my sister opened her blouse and a bullfrog jumped out. Mother fainted, father dropped the lamp, the oil spilled on the floor, and my sister’s blanket caught fire. One of my brothers laughed so hard he rolled on the floor.”
"Laughter was our only wealth. Father was a laughing man. He would go in to the living room and stand in front of the tall mirror, stretching his mouth into grotesque shapes with his fingers and making faces at himself, and then he would rush into the kitchen, roaring with laughter.”
"There was plenty to make us laugh. There was, for instance, the day one of my brothers came home and brought a small bundle under his arm, pretending that he brought something to eat, maybe a leg of lamb or something as extravagant as that to make our mouths water. He rushed to mother and through the bundle into her lap. We all stood around, watching mother undo the complicated strings. Suddenly a black cat leaped out of the bundle and ran wildly around the house. Mother chased my brother and beat him with her little fists, while the rest of us bent double, choking with laughter.”
Thank you! :))
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