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Properties of Matter

Introduces the vocabulary used to determine the properties of matter.

Alyssa Quina

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Properties of Matter

Properties of matter mass volume shape measurable texture hardness odor taste magnetic attraction Matter is anything that takes up space
What are some things that take up space in our classroom? color the measurement of pigment or hue

What is the color of your favorite ice cream? the surface of a material that is felt by the sense of touch

Name some textures you have touched today. a scent that activates the sense of smell

Can odors be good as well as bad? Name some good and bad odors. the quality or condition of being hard.

What are some materials that have the property of hardness at our school? the amount of space something takes up

How could you measure the amount of space you are taking up right now? the shape that

What shapes can you find inside of your desk? something that is capable of being measured

How can you measure the amount of cereal you eat in the morning? to try the flavor of something

Describe the taste of popcorn the attraction for iron

Have you ever seen someone with a metal detector at the beach? What are these used for? the amount of matter

For example, this book is big and solid. It has a lot of matter. Therefore, it must also have a lot of mass.
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