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The Opium Wars Infomercial

No description

Lindsay Wilkerson

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of The Opium Wars Infomercial

The Opium Wars By Lindsay Wilkerson, Hannah Shepard, Lindsei Hamilton, and Phoebe Hart What led up to the Opium
Wars What led up to the Opium Wars What were the Opium Wars? The Opium Wars started in 1839
Leading up to this event was conflict between the British and Chinese. This was due to the Chinese wanting bullion, a form of currency during the Late Modern Period. With all of the Opium that the Chinese was receiving, they quickly became addicted and society began to deteriorate
In efforts to protect the cohesiveness of the country, China bans trade with the British in an effort to stop the imports of opium. Results around the World: Economic Outcome for China: The treaties of Nanking and Tientsin opened numerous ports in China, opening the country to foreign trade. Tea and silk industries flourished. What were the Opium Wars? The Europeans were not willing to give up their bullion, so they tried to come up with an alternative to trade with. Opium became this alternative. Big Concepts of the Late Modern Period: Economies in the LMP were very dependent on global trade due to:
Nations being unable to produce certain goods that they needed
Countries being able to specialize in goods that other countries didn't have
Britain was a major influence in the trading market during this time period.
They were ahead of China because of scientific and industrial revolutions. Outcome of the Opium Wars At the end of the two Opium Wars, much of China had been destroyed, including the emperor's palace which had been burned down.
Many of the bans on foreign travel were lifted and missionaries got the right to own and work on land in China.
Bullion was the main form of currency, it was internationally recognized as money and used for global trading.
Trading between the British and Chinese prior to the Opium Wars consisted of Britain taking all the goods while China taking all the Bullion.
Opium could be grown in India, which was a colony of Britain at the time. Economic Outcome for England: Could no longer supply China with Opium, but began growing tea in locations in India where Opium was previously grown. After winning the wars, they forced China to trade with European powers. Other countries that were affected and how: France, Russia, and America were all able to set up permanent diplomatic bases in China, due to the Treaty of Tianjin. The Treaty of Aigun granted Russia some coastal land from northern China. Credits http://library.thinkquest.org
http://www.cbc.ca/news/pointofview All drug references are used only for historical purposes and comic relief. We know that some of this content may be considered inappropriate and we can edit the Prezi if you feel rules have been broken. We promise we didn't mean it! And we will never ever do drugs and are not trying to tell people to do them! Drugs are BAD!! All rap credit goes to this website, we do not in any way take credit for this rap, we just mouthed it and videotaped it! No infringement intended. The British were not happy about this ban, and decided the only way to settle the conflict was to go to war.
Since Britain during the LMP was very industrialized, they had a much stronger military and beat the Chinese.
Soon after their victory, the British reinstated trade with China. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/404755
Comissioner Lin
I'm Mr. Lin
We have our silk
And you really smell like spoiled milk

You have your factories,
We have our rice fields
At least our women know when to yield

Queen Victoria
I'm queen Vicky,
Leader of our land,
You're so primitive
You act like a caveman

You're like our farmers we had
several hundred years ago
And you've got no factories
You've got some room to grow!

Commissioner Lin
We may have liked your silver
You keep dumping it at our door
But you only need Canton
So stop cryin' for more

Now get out of China
Because we see the light
The only way to kick your butt
is if we start the fight! (Background OOOOHHHH!!!!)

Queen Victoria
The only thing you guys will take
Is oh-pi-um
And if we can only have Canton,
Then we'll just have to fight until our ports are fat and plumb

And we have big guns,
you do not,
so here,
why don't you take a load of pot
Background people: Bang bang shoot that gun
smoke some pot and have some fun
L: Stop giving my people drugs!
V: But they like it!
L: They're becoming thugs!

Background people: Bang bang shoot that gun
Smoke some pot and have some fun
Lin: Chinese ethnocentrism!
Victoria: British pride!
Background People: Lets get high!

Queen Victoria
You shouldn't be haten while your people are dyin'
from a cause that's your fault; your people are cryin
'cuz we're pissed about the billions:
billions of dope you wasted and threw in the water
Now you gettin' slaughtered!

Commissioner Lin
Well maybe you shouldn't act like you're our mothah
You shouldn't be talkin' when you can't control your brothers
Your brothers in America's who I'm talkin' about
back when you got beaten by a bunch of farmers and girl scouts!

Queen Victoria
Well now we've fought two wars and wiped your butt with your own silk
The treaty you broke is like spittin' out your mother's milk
Commisioner Lin
But she should know her place!
Queen Victoria
Not when she's the one feedin' your face
and now I see why you're the one bein' put in your place, yo!
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