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Marketing Research Project

Leonardo Matteo

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Decathlon

Market Research (Hopefully) Ireland will grow 0.4% this year Financial Crisis Low disposable income Less likely to spend money on clothing (Paying off debt is top of the list) Sport womenswear and menswear 27% 25-34 years old 22% 35-44 years old 15% 45-54 years old Variety Recover from the crisis Increase of the foreign investment Investment in human capital Credit availability and tax policies
for businesses Higher personal taxes Irish economy Irish economy Things are not that bad though... Doing business in Ireland 1st for availability of skilled labour

1st for flexibility and adaptability of workforce

1st for investment incentives

1st for attitudes towards globalization

4th for Corporate Tax rate on profit and real corporate taxes. (IDA Ireland, 2012) Ireland makes top 10 of easiest places in world to do business. Ireland is multicultural Ireland is multicultural People Total population 4,588,252 (2011) (comparison 3,917,203 - 2002 )

Urban population in Ireland is the highest in all times with overall 2,846,889

544,357 of non-Irish nationals (concentrated in the big cities)

Decathlon is already a well known brand for the Non-Irish population

Best location Dublin, Galway and Cork 60% own smartphones 65.3% have Internet Positive online shopping trends Internet Sell Online Irish Retail Landscape Independent Retailers (x 250) Deca = ("10") + Athlon = ("Athletic contest")

Decathlon refers to the “finest all-round athletes in the world” which requires a high level of discipline over 10 different sports which makes up the decathlon. It is because Decathlon wants to include all those qualities in their daily work that they have chosen this name. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS •Decathlon focuses their efforts into developing 14 own-branded goods, known as “passion brands”.

•Efficient, effective and unique marketing strategy: space available in the shop.

•Staff members are sports specific trained staff members (i.e. golf professionals).

•Possibility to buy and too rent some specific sport equipment (i.e. ski equipment). Decathlon's shop offers the service of a workshop for sports equipment repair and serviced. WEAKNESSES •Decathlon is not known to the Irish consumer, maybe perceive as a “discounter”.

•Retail shops require a high input of financial investment, ‘’specialist’’ employees. Regular marketing events must be organized in order to inform the public of the brand and the company.

•Production cost including the research and development of new material to provide their customer high quality at a cost effective price. •There are no sports retailers in Ireland which are of the same size or carry the same volume of goods as Decathlon does.

•Ireland's population (esp. Dublin) includes a high concentration of foreign nationals to whom the brand is well known throughout their Spanish, Italian, German or French homelands.

•Opportunity to expose the Irish public to more “alternative” sports, which can be catered for in Decathlon. •A high proportion of the Irish public is unfamiliar with Decathlon.
E commerce presence,combined with a strong marketing campaign will try to combat this. OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Financial crisis Low disposable income Not known to the Irish customer High financial investment required Large number of potential competitors Ireland will perform economically better this year

The growing trend of shopping online

Own-branded goods sales increase

Variety of products match sales distribution

4th for Corporate Tax rate on profit and real corporate taxes. (IDA Ireland, 2012)
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