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Library 2.0 Teacher Librarian Tips

Review/overview of Web 2.0 Tips from and for teacher librarians

Christina Brayton

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Library 2.0 Teacher Librarian Tips

Library 2.0 - Tips from Teacher Librarians Try Learning 2.0 Project
Originated in Mecklanburg Co., Charlotte, NC About Self-discovery & Working together Teachers and Librarians
Challenged to
Use Web 2.0 tools "A community of learners" Learning Commons Resources Offered Online How can teacher librarians collaborate with teachers
for class research projects? Changing Traditional
Library Spaces Into
Creative & Modern
Learning Places Don't need a lot
of budget money -
Think of ways you can
improve your school library Check Out the TL Online Community! Teacher Library
Blogs Facebook Library Pages YALSA Teen Tech Week Host a Special Event! Gaming Tournaments
Keep Students Interested www.connectedyouth.org/events Create an Extension
of the Library. Wikis-
The Blogging Libraries School Library
Blogs -
Teacher Library Ning Offering Content Online Don't count out Twitter & Texting! Incorporate into lessons Annouce books Event Info/Dates Give trivia Host surveys and opinion polls. Look at how Web 2.0 tools work together. 2.0 Tools Should
Be used in connected ways. This article said
Web 2.0 tools are like
"puzzle pieces," that fit
together. I think they are
more like Legos.
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