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Super Typhoon Nina 1975

No description

Joel Averink

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Super Typhoon Nina 1975

Super Typhoon Nina
China and Taiwan

-winds of 155 mph
-41.7 inches of rain
-some spots 61 inches of rain
4 days
How Long?
August 6-9
* Wind gusts of 222 km/h.
* Flooding and landslides killed 29 people.
* 3,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.
Pathway of Nina
Why did this disaster happen?
On July 29, 1975, a tropical storm arose in the Philippine Sea. The storm moved southwestward for 36 hours. On July 31, the storm slowed and turned northwestward before quickly getting stronger and shifting to the west-northwest. The storm reached typhoon status on August 1. On the following day, peak intensity of 185 km/h was attained approximately 368 kilometers east of Taiwan. After Nina moved toward the northwest, it turned north on night of August 5. A day later the storm moved over Xinyang, Henan and later was blocked by a cold front near Zhumadian, Henan for 3 days. The thunderstorm system brought heavy rainfall.
Shimantan Dam collapsed!
Banqiao Dam
* Winds of 110 km/h.
* Banqiao Dam collapsed.
* 62 dams failed.
* $1.2 billion in damage.
* 3000 homes were destroyed
* 39 fishing boats sank
* 16 Ton Korean freighter 'The Sun Star' capsized
229,000 people died.
55,000 people were missing.
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