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Leisure time in the 1920s 1930s and 2013

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Anna Storey

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Leisure time in the 1920s 1930s and 2013

1920s - 1930s - 2013 Leisure Time Now and Then In the 1920's children would play card games, ride bicycles, play with dolls, and marbles. City kids played sick ball, while county kids played kick the can and rolled hoops with sticks. Children in the 1920's Adults in 1920 seemed to have a lot of fun, they would go to movies, dancing, drinking, and to illegal bars. Also, they went to church events, political campaigns, listened to the radio, and went on car rides. Lots of people had pianos or organs in their houses, so they would play those as well. Adults in 1920 In the 1920s going out at night was quite
popular, people would go... Nighttime Fun in the 1920s
1920 scrapbook
1930 scrapbook
Questions or comments? :) By: Maddie and Anna Sports in 2013 Sports in the 1920's In the 1920's lots of sports were played, some of the more popular ones were... Baseball
Football Sports in the 1930's In the 1930's not many sports were played because of the lack of money. However they did go roller skating, and would watch and cheer on the local boys football team. Those who could afford it would occasionally go to a baseball game. *All the boys wanted to be on the football team because they would be admired by all, and would be considered a town hero. In 2013 we have many of the same, but many more sports then there was in the 1920's. Some of the same/more common ones are... Football
Tennis And some of the newer/more common ones they didn't have, are... Soccer
Hockey And tons more! Teenagers in the 1920's Teenagers would go to movies, go for car rides, go out dancing, hang out with friends, and went
to the beach. Children in the 1930's In the 1930's children would make up imagination games, play hide and seek, jump rope, play board games, cards, checkers, and chess. They would read, draw, do homework, play jacks, baseball, marbles, and trade comic books. The toys they had were very cheap or homemade. *Dick and Jane was a popular kids book. Teenagers in the 1930's Teenagers would go to dances, spend time with their family, or go to friends houses. If the went out at night they would have to be home by 9:00pm. * Most teenagers didn't have boyfriends or girlfriends. Children and Teenagers in 2013 In 2013 there is tons of things for kids and teenagers to do. Still, children play cards, board games, and dolls, but all of which are way more advanced now. Also, most children and teenagers have the freedom to go to their friends houses basically whenever, and for teenagers the curfew is past 9:00pm. In addition to this, we also have tons of channels on T.V., computers, video games, and cell phones, which is what most of us do instead of being productive and doing our homework. Adults in 1930 In 1930, because of the depression people went out less. Adults would listen to the radio, sew, read, play piano, and go out for walks. For very cheap the could also go to church events, and dances. Some people would occasionally go to baseball games or the movies. Adults in 2013 In 2013 adults still go dancing, drinking, and to bars. Some people go to church events, and to political campaigns, although probably not as many as in the 20s-30s. Adults go to the movies, watch T.V., go driving, and out to dinner. Adults and parents also like to get home from work and just relax. *My Mommy likes to take naps :) Family Time in the 1920s In the 1920s some of the things that families could do for everyone would enjoy, were... Car rides
Bike rides
Airplane stunt shows
Sunday dinner
Beach They could also go watch the local sports teams or
see a baseball game. Family Time in the 1930s In the 1930s families would sit around the radio and listen to he comedy shows, play board games, take walks quite often, go to church events, and go see the local boys football team and cheer them on. Family Time in 2013 Some of the things we can do in 2013 for family time includes the previous listings, (car rides, beach, movies etc..) but because of all the technology we have now, I feel like most people don't really have 'family time' because people get preoccupied with their computers, cell phones or video games. Also, in the 20s-30s, the women didn't really work, unlike now where parents get home from work and they want to relax and not really do things. Dancing
To the movies
To illegal bars Mostly adults would be out at night, unless rebellious teenagers were out past their curfews. Nighttime Fun in the 1930s In the 30s most people didn't go out at
night because most of the fun nighttime
attractions cost money, and most people
didn't have the money to spend on that
stuff unlike in the 20s. If people did go out it would be the same kind of things as in the 20s (dances, bars, movies, etc..). Nighttime Fun in 2013 In 2013 we still do the same sort of things, people of age go out to bars, clubs, and drink with their friends. Lots of people go to the movies, and to dances when they are held. Although, now teenagers and children of certain ages go to friends houses and have sleepovers. Also, teenagers start going to parties, and stay out later (different curfew). Information Sites: Thanks For Watching ! :) Made by Anna + Maddie These are some of the things people do/did in their free time.
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