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Data minning

Project #1

smugimp c

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Data minning

Advanced Knowledge
Discovery and Data Mining : Movie Rental Business Clustering Pruning Gini Invalid Member Transactions : 200,604 200,587 Rows Customer Birth date Customer Age First Rent Date Member Period Derive Variable Decision Tree Gini Entropy Chi-square Maximal Tree Pruning Tree Maximal Tree Pruning Tree Maximal Tree Pruning Tree Which one ? Leaf Statistics Overfitting Graph Fit Statistics Cumulative lift Tree Map Fit Statistics Leaf Statistics Overfitting Graph Tree Map Cumulative lift - Train : Misclassification Rate - Valid : Misclassification Rate -Training Percent
-Validation Percent -Train
-Validate Denormalize Data Remove Rows Group Data Group Transactions by Customer Transactions : 200,587 2,666 Rows Remove Column Data Selection and Data Cleansing (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) (Percent) Animation & Series Sci-Fi/Disaster Thriller/Horror Concert/Talk show Comedy Action Thank You Leaf Statistics Pruning Chi-Square Pruning Gini
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