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solar enrgy

No description

jessica jones

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of solar enrgy

Solar Energy is the energy from the Sun. The Sun is a big ball of heat and light resulting from nuclear fusion at its core. The nuclear reaction releases energy that travels outward to the surface of the Sun. Along the way to the surface the energy transforms so that by the time it is released it is primarily light energy. Sunlight. The two major types of solar energy that make it to Earth are heat and light.

Solar energy is often called "alternative energy" to fossil fuel energy sources such as oil and coal.

Solar energy is environmentally friendly. Compared to fossil fuels which release greenhouses gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide, solar cells don't release anything into the air. benefits people/ environment what is solar energy? The cost of a solar electric system can vary significantly depending on the amount of power required. Industrial facilities will require systems of a different scale than a small retail business. A small office may only require a $15,000 system, while an industrial facility may require a $200-500k system. Costs/Savings cons for environment/people Who is using it now? Australia, Algeria, the US, Canada people in ect... , Could we do this at
yes, if we had money other interesting facts
o Solar energy is considered to be a renewable source; it may not be seen at night but it constantly exists.

o It will not give harm to the environment. It will not create air pollution that has carbon dioxide and some damaging dirt emissions and greenhouse gases.

o The solar energy is very useful in everything. It is capable of drying the clothes, heating water, heating swimming pools, powering minor appliances, powering fans in the attic, producing indoors and outdoors light, and even powering cars.

o The products made from the solar energy can be extremely expensive. Possibly the excessive cost could be the major downside
climate change that occurs now is not the same as seen in the statistics from the previous period where although the climate that occurs always changes but it seems stable. Although the earth's temperature often rose and fell but not as drastic as this time.

Solar Energy By:
Amber Talley
Jessica Jones
Harley Taylor could we do this in bowling green?
yes there is actually places doing it now .
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