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Levels of conflict

No description

Emma Lefevre

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Levels of conflict

Levels of conflict
Conflicts are present in individuals' daily life trough relations which deal with others. It could be caused by several factors.

It's important to define the actual conflict and to learn how to manage it.

What is a conflict ?
Can be described as a state of discord between individuals or groups of individuals.

It can be caused by a variety of factors coming from the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values, and interests of individuals or groups of individuals.
Intrapersonal conflict
Interpersonal conflict
Intergroup structural conflict
is a conflict that occurs solely in an individuals mind. The dynamics are purely psychological.
Organistational change
Personality Clashes
Different set of Values
Non-Compliance with Rules and Policies
Opposing Interests
Lack of Communication
- medium point: reasonable and act with maturity.

- invite them a coffee or bier.
- Listen to both parts

- Be sure they want to solve their problem.

- how they think the problem would be solved

- found a medium point
How to manage a conflict ?

2 volunteers
is a conflict between you and other individuals. This is considered a major level of conflict and can occur between co-workers, siblings, spouses, roommates, neighbors...

2 judges / mediators
2 groups
1 leader per group
Should smoking be banned in public places?
is a conflict between two or more subgroups and their respective members from the same global entity.
III. The Simpsons
II. How I met your mother
I. The Lion King
Any questions ?
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