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The Fast Food Industry

This is my classmate's and I's project on the "Fast Food Industry".

Krista ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of The Fast Food Industry

Fast Food Industry
By Sean, Kaitlyn, Krista :)
Have you ever wondered what the healthiest places are to eat? What are the worst?
Well, we decided that we should research all of this. We ended up getting surprising results.

Also, we have so many facts, we'll blow your mind!!! We even have a documentary, that will prove our statements.
"Panera Bread" is the #1 healthiest fast food restaurant. They have lots of bread (of course), and a giant menu to feed the entire family!
They have pasta, bread, salad and soup, all of which are healthy.
Subway is also a great place to go eat, even though it isn't as healthy as Panera Bread.
They've got some great sandwiches, most are under 300 calories! If you wanted to go eat at either of these places, we prefer them over McDonalds, KFC, etc.
Our Resources
Our Facts:
What is the Most UNHEALTHY Fast Food Food?
Thank You!
Our Documentary
The Best Fast Food Restaurant
Our Question:
How Has Fast Food Changed Our Society?




1. Did you know that the first ever fast food restaurant, was not McDonald's, Burger King or one of the big names, but a small restaurant called White Castle?
We can't pinpoint which restaurant is the most unhealthy, but we did figure out that the one item with the most calories is...
The Bistro Shrimp
Cheesecake Factory"
. It may seem like an innocent tasty dish, but in reality it has 3,120 calories!
Make sure to stay away from this fattening dish, or you might regret going there!
Our Answer To Our Question:
Who wants to learn more?
You don't!?
Well maybe you'll find this documentary interesting:
2. Did you know that about 75 burgers are sold every second of every day around the globe?
Hmm...... we found something kind of gross for you. It might not be that interesting, but this is something you MUST WATCH!
How To Resist The Temptation of Fast Food...
Experiment Time
Have you ever noticed when you order a hamburger at a fast food restaurant, and it seems like they just heated it up and handed it to you?

Well, we wanted to do an experiment. We wanted to see if fast food hamburgers get moldy...Or not. Here are our results:
Are you ready for.........
Oh, you're not?
Well you better be!
We had a fantastic interview with a fantastic person,
"Naheed Shariff".
It's all different for everyone, and we all have our own ways of stopping habits. These ideas you should try!
1. Try eating something healthy for a week, then reward yourself with your favorite treat!
2. Try exploring a store you really like, and look for something in that same store in the healthy section. You might actually like it!
3. Take away all of the unhealthy items you have (but keep your favorite), and then try finding out what your favorite fruits or vegetables are!
3. Did you know that in Great Britain, McDonald's is the largest private-sector employer?
Thank you so much for listening to our presentation,
and we hope that you're careful about what you order at certain places.

Make sure to stay healthy!!!

Interview Continued
What would you recommend eating at your restaurant? (He recently sold his restaurants)
Mr. Shariff:
(If he had his restaurants back) I would probably recommend the pizzas.

What WAS your healthiest dish, and why would people want to eat it?
Mr. Shariff:
Good question. The healthiest dish would probably be the kale and quinoa salad. They would probably want to eat it because it because, well, the dressing is really good and it's a pretty heavy salad, so it will fill you up.
We think that fast food HAS changed our society, because everyone goes to eat fast food when they're in a rush, or don't feel like making food.
Fast food is made to be unhealthy and fattening, so make sure you don't eat it all the time!
The Fast Food Industry is usually all about the money, so if people like it, then they will most likely buy more of it.
For example, do YOU guys like McDonald's fries? Raise your hand.
I hate fast food, it's so unhealthy!
Interview Continued
What was your most popular dish?
The Pierogi Pizza.

How do you think the fast food has changed society?
Mr. Shariff:
For the pro's side, it gives people an oppertunity to go out and socialize. So they don't spend time grocery shopping or cooking. For the negative part, people eat really quick and leave which is the complete opposite. It's hard for people to make healthy choices. Although, people will have more time to do other things.
Interview Continued
What do you enjoy most about the fast food industry?
Mr. Shariff:
I love meeting people! I like to talk to lots of people, and learn about the different things they do. It's really good for my growth, and my knowledge. It gives me an opportunity.

Thanks for your time Mr. Shariff!
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