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No description

Rui Sousa

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of BUSINESS PLAN

Main Idea
Hostel focused on the exploration of urban tourism, which brings in essence, immediate contact with the urban attractions
The Entrepreneurs
(sleeping city, ltd)
It offers quality low cost accommodation, and some recreational services
located in the heart of the historical center of Coimbra
Provide comfort on accommodation with quality and low prices
growing and passing on the essence of "serving well"
contribute to a harmonious and happy relationship between our staff and guests
Good image
Hostel Location in area with diverse tourism offer
Low prices
Partnership with other companies
Competent staff
Conditioned access by car
Scarce parking
Target market is
Create the offer to
meet the demand requirements
Country recession
Competition adopting new strategies
New competitors
Expensive building rent
Provisional Income Statement
Expected do start having profit by the end of the second year of business
"Businesses are like a bicycle.... Either you keep moving, or you will fall"
Frank Lloyd Wright
thank you!
Responsible for all hygiene and cleaning of our hostel
Our company has partnership
with three other companies:
Responsible for providing our clients
bicycle rent
(7 Wonders)
responsible for providing our customers
with some relaxing therapies
takk mye
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