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A Bridesmaid's Bad Breath


Gowtami Rajendran

on 3 March 2010

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Transcript of A Bridesmaid's Bad Breath

THESIS 1984 Weasel Words Language and Thought Modern Day Examples Conclusions A Bridemaid's Bad Breath The most subtle language can have the greatest impact An overview The warning signs of trickery If it's scary....be wary A Story That's "too good" The Dangling Comparative The Superlatives Swindle The "Pay You Tuesday" Con The Blame Game Glittering Generalities -- Listerine Commercial "Fear is a staple tactic of
advertisers and politicians" FUD Factor Bush's "Day of Horror" need to ask more questions Where is the evidence? Warned or deceived? We should be cautious of claims that are too dramatic. Ask for more evidence Data for the Service of Ideology fits too nicely with biases larger, better, faster, better-tasting Compared to what? Most Highest Best Biggest in History Smallest Ever Nigerian Email Scams Same in Politics lack of evidence defensive mechanism example divert attention from oneself "attractive sounding, but vague terms" If it seems obvious........ The Party spits propoganda Fear used by the Party
-- same with advertisers FUD Factor Uncertainty and doubt
-- people were worried about children
and thought police data altered to fit biases = Ministry of Truth Glittering Generalities
with Big Brother The World of Doublespeak Doublespeak is a blanket term for language which pretends to communicate something but actually does not. Example of Blame Game = Lutz comments on North Politicians use doublespeak to decieve people. "New and Improved" Words are deceptive = trickery Stronger than what? Better than what? Faster than what? Act like humans Interpret and question the world What makes us different from animals... Trickery is used to alter how we interpret the world A Dangling Comparison Asumptions Must be Made Suit Alleges AT&T, Apple 'Oversold' iPhone, Strained 3G Network "New and Improved" Superlatives Found on TV The All-New 2010 Cadillac SRX --> Superlatives Verizon Vs. AT&T - "There's a Map For That" --> A Story That's Too Good vs.
FUD Factor America's Favorite Cookie? Superlatives Politics: The Blame Game Trickery in Language Weasel Words, Euphemisms Relates to Our Life, George Orwell Brought it into his Book, and Never Leaves us Alone The Most Subtle Language can have the Greatest Impact
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