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Writing a winning CV for students and graduates

Short presentation focusing on key components of a CV for students and graduatess

Fiona Christie

on 24 September 2018

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Transcript of Writing a winning CV for students and graduates

Fiona Christie
Careers consultant
Know yourself
Your studies
Your employment
Your interests
Anything else
Do your homework: Research your market
Company websites
www.prospects.ac.uk: click on “jobs and work experience” – “job profiles”
Attend employer events – on campus and beyond
What else?
CV layouts and structure
Chronological listing
Writing a Winning CV for students and graduates
Outcomes for today
To identify key components of a CV
To anticipate what employers want from a CV
Critically reflect on your own CV and leave today being able to improve it.
The basics of CV writing
Know yourself
Know your target
Create a CV with great content
Create a CV with great presentation
Important to stress!
You may need more than one version of your CV
Be prepared to adapt your CV for each application
Think skills
Think achievements
Your introduction
“Highly motivated individual with great communication skills derived from a sales and customer services background. Creative problem-solver with an outgoing and approachable personality and a willing attitude to work.”
“Business studies graduate with theoretical and practical experience in sales and marketing gained through university and internships with companies including Penguin group and Sainsbury’s. Flexible and hard-working with great initiative and the ability to work efficiently to deadlines.”
Example intros thanks to @mildredtalabi
Put yourself in their shoes – what an employer needs to know?
CV headings
Personal details – brief and relevant
Profile/career objective
Employment/work experience
Relevant work experience/other work experience
Achievements or Positions of Responsibility
Referees – two usually or “available on request”
Strong language
Stress personal involvement
Power/active verbs
More than x years extensive and diverse experience in
Extensive academic/practical background in
In charge of implementing
Knowledge of /experienced as
Extensive training/involvement in
Constant interaction with
Provided technical assistance to
Planned and managed

Initiated financial savings by
Initially employed to/joined organisation to specialise in
Promoted to
Proven track record in
Successful in/at developing
Reported to senior management when
Disseminated results of analysis
Supported customers/colleagues with
Researched, assessed and synthesised. . .
A4 – good quality white/cream paper
Arial font or similar – minimum size 12??
Clear headings in bold (14 size font)
Signpost the reader
Reverse chronological order (most recent first)
Use bullet points – short paragraphs (4-5 lines max), and clear spaces between sections
Avoid too much fuss – eg., indenting and columns
Covering Letter
Your current situation – brief introduction
Why this job?
Why this organisation?
What you can offer that matches the job? Knowledge/Skills/Experience
Know yourself
Know your target
Choose a good structure
Make sure you have a good intro
Show your skills
Make sure you have good presentation
Pay attention to detail - proof-reading/ cull the unnecessary
Other sources of information
Our CV Guide - http://www.careers.salford.ac.uk/page/apply_interview
Prospects -https://www.prospects.ac.uk/careers-advice/cvs-and-cover-letters
TargetJobs - https://targetjobs.co.uk/careers-advice/applications-and-cvs

It makes you think
Post, email...
Why are CVs rejected?
Poor presentation
Poor spelling and grammar
Not tailored to job
Lack of evidence of relevant skills
Badly structured/organised
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