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The Ethics of Lockheed Martin

This presentation will demonstrate the knowledge that group members of Professor Bear's Business Ethics Class have on the ethical programs and practices of the company Lockheed Martin.

Tanisha Addison

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of The Ethics of Lockheed Martin

The Ethics Program Ethical Issues Ethics & Senior Management Critique Ensuring Ethics Bob Stevens Ethics & Lockheed Martin A presentation of this ethical company is brought to you by: Tanisha Addison, Nicole Dimassa, Dave Moran, Dave Puenta, and Fernan Fernos How ethical commitment is communicated to employees Two forms of documents that employees receive are "How the Ethics Process Works" and "Setting the Standards"
"How the Ethics Process Works" is a manual that details to employees where to report in the issue of ethical conduct and the importance of the Ethics Corporate Responsibility Committee. Seeking advice from the next level of management is encouraged if the previous level could not help. The Ethics Officer can be contacted through the employee's online profile or LMPeople.
"Setting the Standard" is the code of Ethics and Business Conduct which provides guidance on the expectations of all employees and others who represent the corporation. Reading this manual will make an employee aware when a code is violated. Fair Competition
Business Courtesies (gifts)
Conflicts of Interest
Protection of Information
Insider Trading Bribery
Export and Import Laws
Labor Conditions overseas
Trade Restrictions with other countries
Political Contributions
Lobbying Ethical Challenges Christopher E. Kubasik, Vice Chairman and COO was to become CEO on january 1. Three weeks ago an employee alerted the company about Mr. Kubasik's relationship with a subordinate employee. After an investigation by outside lawyers confirmed the employee's claim, which violate the company's Ethics Code the board demand Mr. Kubasik's resignation on friday, nov. 23. Mr. Kubasik is married. Incoming CEO forced out after ethics violation lockheedmartin.com
Lockheed Martin Code of Conduct booklet Sources Ethical Issues & Challenges Section 1
David Moran Lockheed Martin Communicating Ethics Company resources include:
Online Code of Ethics
Telephone Ethics Help Line
Available on Business Days
Strong management structure
If needed, Chain of Command encouraged Business Area Ethics Directors When Business Unit Officers are not sufficient
Provide a positive, inclusive, and ethical workplace for employees
Lead the Business Ethics Unit Officers Business Unit Officers Promote positive, ethical environments in their work areas
Operate Ethics Self Help Line
At each operating company and corporate level
Go-to guys when managers and supervisors are not sufficient Organizational Structure Vision Statement Do What’s Right
Honesty, Integrity, and Trust
Good Citizen – Take Responsibility For Actions
Respect Others
Respect skill, talent, and expertise
Respect diversity of all those they interact with
Perform With Excellence
Strive to excel in every aspect of the business
Determined to Succeed Training Training for employees include but are not limited to topics such as:
Substance-free work environment
Insider Trading
Harassment in the Workplace
Equal Treatment in Human Resources
International Business Practices
Gifts and Business Courtesies Vice President, Ethics and Business Conduct Reports directly to CEO and Board of Directors: Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Committee
Oversees the corporate-wide ethics program to create and maintain a positive, ethical work environment More employee input into training and expansion of the program
Human nature
Upper level management needs to realize they aren’t exempt
Good old boys club How can it be better? Things will always happen
Scandal recently
1 employee can taint the whole company Weaknesses Very extensive
Almost Every possible situation is detailed in the manual
3 to 1 calls for advice
Integrity minute videos
Insider trading
Win, but win fairly
Lead by example
Corporate policy statement cps starts with ethics Strengths
Anti-corruption act
Export/Import and other trade restriction
Anti-boycott Must Follow “Unless prohibited or penalized by U.S. law, you are responsible for complying with the national and local laws of the countries in which we operate. In the case of a conflict with U.S. law, you must obtain direction from the Legal Department or the Ethics Office, which will consult with the Legal Department.” Lockheed's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
Provides guidance on our expectations for all employees, contract labor, agents, consultants, members of the Board of Directors, and others when representing the company.
This Code spells out the values Lockheed lives by and the standards they set.
They make sure every employees reads this and knows their Code of Ethics. Setting the Standard Insider Trading
Synopsis of the U.S. securities laws which relate to the leak of confidential information.

International Business Practices

Gifts and Business Courtesies
Discuss the Anti-Kickback Act of 1986 prohibits those involved in government contracting from offering, accepting, or attempting to accept inducements for favorable treatment in awarding contracts for materials, equipment, or services of any kind.

Truth in Negotiations Act
Watches over people who are involved in the development or negotiations of contract proposals. Trainings 2 Drug-Free Workplace

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Former Government Employees
Looks at restrictions of hiring former government employees.

Harassment in the Workplace
“Explains how to prevent, recognize, and address various harassment issues in the workplace.” Trainings Lockheed encourages every employee to communicate with their ethics offices if they have any concerns.
Talking to their ethics officer
Calling the corporate Ethics Help Line at 1-800-LM-ETHIC
Sending an e-mail to corporate.ethics@lmco.com Communicating
Lockheed holds all employees to the same standards, no matter if your located in or outside the United States
Must attend business meetings and strategic planning sessions.
Must follow and attend
Setting the Standards Steps to Ensure Ethical Behavior Outside the USA
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