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Generic Conventions in the genre Pop

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Gabriella Whybrow

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Generic Conventions in the genre Pop

In this Prezie i have chosen to look into the genre pop, using mise-en-scene, and CLAMPS (costume, lighting, actors, make up, props and setting). Pop music is defined as purposefully flexible, the music that is identified as pop is constantly changing. At any particular point in time it may be easiest to identify pop music as that which is successful on the pop music charts
Narrative in pop songs are how the story is told through the actions of the actors and singers in the song. They are often elaborate, far fetched or a love story. The narrative of the music videos change according to the lyrics and where pop songs are concerned they are always very different. Katy Perry - Last Friday Night, has a strong narrative of a party scene which fits perfectly with the songs feel and lyrics. Most pop videos use narrative based ideas.
Todorovs Theory
1. Equilibrium
2. Disruption
3. Recognition
4. Repair
5. New Equilibrium]
Pop videos use Todorovs theory a lot as they tend to feature a narrative which means that the video is based around Todorovs theory, it helps to keep the viewer interested as its set out like a short film.
Look to mise - en - scene for more detail. Themes in pop music videos tend to be very varied, they can range from a love story (romance, love, parties, socializing) or a more performance based video that has a bit of a narrative. An example of a romance video is Latch - Discloser, which shows the relationships of three different people, one at a party / socializing, another in a sexual embrace, and another in a lift. This gives a more diverse video.
When it comes to camera angles, pop music videos have a very varied amount of camera angles to keep the audience entertained, point of view shots are common because they put the viewers in the position of the actor or artist. Much like that of Calvin Harris - Summer, which features a POV shot at the start which also acts as an establishing shot. Katy Perry - Unconditionally has a lot of close up and extreme close ups of Katy herself,because she is a very famous, good looking artist.
Mise - en - Scene
Iconography is defined as the visual images and symbols used in a work of art or the study or interpretation of these. In pop videos the focus would normally not be on just one person or stay focused on the same thing for a long time.Brightly coloured clothing in worn which fits with mainstream fashion, or sometimes the narrative of the video means eccentric costumes are used. The characters used will be good looking and women will appeal to any male. (the male gaze) Props will often be allaberate and the setting will be relatable. Pitbull - Timber ft. Ke$ha, is in an exotic location and appeals to both sexes, Ke$ha also is wearing clothes in the latest trends. MIKA - Popular Song ft. Ariana Grande, is an example of using routines which makes the video flow.
Like in any other music genre editing depends on the mood of the song, pop videos are particularly varied. for example, One Directions - You and I features slow paced editing which leave the scene relaxed, because its a sad, emotional love song. This opposes Charlie XCX, Superlove which shows high key lighting, jump cuts and ellipsis, this all adds to the party atmosphere of the video.
Generic Conventions of the genre Pop.
In pop videos character is essential to the overall appeal of the project. Most pop videos are made with a narrative, which means they include a back story. This means the video must have actors to play the characters to their full potential. The characters would normally be good looking and appeal to the target audience.
Charlie XCX - boom clap, shows her as the singer in flashes throughout the song yet because its a song from a movie currently in the cinema, their story is also being told. Pop music is often used for films because its fun and good to listen too.
Katy Perry - Dark Horse, features a whole group of different characters which add to the amusement and fun factor of the video. Katy Perry is also well known to have action packed music videos so she fits the stereotype of a pop artist.
Most pop videos videos include la mix of both low and high key lighiting, but focuss on high key, to create a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera - Say Something, features low key lighting which adds to the romantic air of the video. One Direction - thats what makes you beautiful is the complete opposite, the natural / high key lighting is stereotypical of pop videos, its a very fun, laid back video.
Depending on the artist, clothing worn is normally mainstream, (what people wear at the time) and includes designer wear. The artist is normally sexualised, confident and flaunting themselves, much like in these clips from Selena Gomez - Come & Get It, which show her in provocative positions, this would be classed as appealing to 'the male gaze,' the clothing worn would also appeal to young girls who find her inspiring. The genre pop is very centered on youth and teens of a certain age, its also stereotypical for females to prefer the genre.

The setting in pop videos often depends on the lyrics of the song, and as does the narrative. The location would tend to be different to appeal to the younger audience. Lorde - team, has a much more matured audience because of her style of singing, so the video is much more dark and mysterious.
Props in pop videos are often flashy to keep the audience interested, and depending on the artist they will include the musical instrument they can play. For example in the Passenger - let her go, is a more performance based video, as its a slow song the audience isn't distracted from the artists. This opposes Justin Biebers' - Boyfriend, which shows expense and girls.
Make-up in pop videos can range from the extreme to natural. The natural make-up often is made to exaggerate beauty this is used with younger artists. Katy Perry - Birthday is an exception to this, she dresses up in several different costumes to appear as different people, this is becoming more of a trend to keep audiences entertained throughout the video.
See character section for more detail. Actors tend to be the artists if the video is a performance, which means that they are the center of attention. In One Directions - Best Song Ever video, they appear as different people and themselves which is unique, and adds to the humor of the video. In Justin Timberlake - turn back the night, he's also performing throughout, in different settings.
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