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Universal Studios

Spectacle in Universal Studios

Rebecca Kahler

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Universal Studios

Universal Studios Hollywood, CA Basic Facts •Movie studio and theme park
•Owned by NBC universal
•Over 9000 employees
•Located in Hollywood
•Largest movie studio in the world
•One of the oldest in the US History •Founded in 1912
~German man, Carl Laemlle
•Charge people to watch filming
•Then enhanced tours began
~dressing rooms, watch production, staged events and stunts
•Evolved into theme park with modern tours in 1964
•More attractions opened in the coming years (1980-1990's)
~Include rides, events, walk through museums, characters, movies and much more
~The land of a thousand faces, turn audience into monsters
•Total of 8 backlot fires have occurred since its founding Attractions •Rides (16 total)
~Jurassic Park (84 foot vertical drop)
~The Mummy
~Back to the Future
•Studio Tours
~Flash Flood simulation
~Giant Water Tank
•Live events
~Fear Factor Live
~Animal Planet Live
•Shops Jurassic Park! Spectacle •Make the audience feel involved
~Pulling audience onto the stage
~4D effects
•Enter different worlds
•Actually meet movie characters
~Marilyn Munro
~Lucy Ricardo
•Elements of spectacle and scenery everywhere in park
•Tours take movie to a new level Adventure Excitement Wonder
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