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No description

Quyen Le

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Savvy

By:Ingrid Law Savvy Quyen Le Characters Main Plot Conflict The conflict is an internal conflict.The conflict is Mibs she tried to fight against people around her and her savvy to go to the hospital to wake up her father. Theme The theme in this story is things never did get quite back to the way they'd been before.When something that comes along,life takes a turn and you can't step back.All you can do is keep moving forward and remember what you've learned. Favorite part Favorite character The End Setting The setting of the story is in Kansaska-Nebransas and the hospital. My favorite character is Mibs,she is a brave girl.She know her savvy cannot wake-up her poppa but she still try,and never gave-up. My favorite part in the story is the last chapter because Mibs's dad was go home and the day Mibs turned fourteen was bright and sunny.Everybody were happy.They played with their dad and help him build the previous autumn.Sometime Mibs's dad couldn't remember what day of the week it was or not he liked blueberries in his pancakes,but they still happiness . The story is about a girl named Mibs,she was turned thirteen.In the day of her birthday she thought her savvy would wake-up her dad by the accident.She escape from her family to get to the hospital.During the time she was going to the hospital,she found out that her savvy couldn't wake-up her dad,.her savvy was mind reader,she can read other people mind by the tattoo or an ink in their body.When she got to the hospital,she used the pen that Will gave to her in the day of her birthday.She used this pen to read her father mind by the mermaid in her father body.She tried to wake-up her father,she say to her father don't gave up,in the last moment her father was woke-up.Everyone were happy and cried,and then they go home with their dad. Mississippi"Mibs",Fish,Rocket, They are in the story because they are Beaumonts family,the only family who has savvy. Rosemary Meeks,Roberta"Bobbi",Will Junior,Lester Swan,and Lill Kiteley. Samson,Gypsy,Jenny,Abram,and
Grandpa Bomba. Those characters are in the story because they push Mibs to get to her goals.
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