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grace hartnett

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Paige Krum, Grace Hartnett, Adam Milano, James Hannifin, Shaun Tehranchi , Benjamin Kirschner, A.J. Giles
Culture Clash
All chiefs must be a male.
You may hunt a maximum of five times a month or will be fined $500.00.
A chief's daughter must marry the chief's choosing.
Kids have a choosing of going to school or not.
All people must go to church any day of the week, at least once a week.
Every group of five people can go to the river two times a day
Task 2: Safety Needs/Laws
Task 3: Sense Of Belonging And Love
Task 4: Ego/esteem Needs-Self Esteem,Recognition, Status.
Our Clan lives in tent like homes called tipis.
All of the members have a specific roll in the reserve such as hunting, story telling, and many more.

Culture Clash
Task 1: Physiological Needs
The people of the Zuni reserve lived off the Zuni River
The river is a offshoot of the Little Colorado River
The People can get both water and food from the river. The people of the reserve will visit this place daily.
Occupations: The Chief Leads the tribe, The warrior defends the tribe from the enemy's, the farmer makes the food for the tribe.
Hobbies: Our tribes like to do religious dances, we do religious saromones, kids sometimes play with dolls.
The people will use the teepee as a prime shelter
1. The people of our tribe will have sense of love and belonging by engaging in group and tribe activities
2. Activities such as dances and performances can be watched and participated in to help the people of our tribe be happy and loved
3. Through these group activities the people of the three tribes will come together and become one
4. This will aslo help later on when the two tribes have to accept the Crow
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