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Logan Piper

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Bridges

Bridges By: Logan Piper and
Simon Irvin-Vitela King Post K-Truss Bowstring Arch-Truss Wichert Fink Pratt King Post: A king post is a bridge which uses on central beam to support the whole bridge.

The King Post is used in mainly three different reasons bridges, aircraft designs, and rooftops.
The Pros of the king post is that it uses very little materials. The Cons of the king post are that it is only safe for up to 30 ft. and if the king post falls everything falls. K-Truss: The purpose of the design is to make the vertical beams shorter so that they can with stand more compression.

The main use for a K-Truss is to help trains get over bodies of water. The Pros of the K-Truss is that it is very strong and can be up to 800 ft. in length. Bowstring Arch-Bridge:
Is a bridge
that has an outward horizontal force created by tension in the bottom.

The main use is for suspension bridges covering moderate to long area. The Pros are it can be made before it is shipped because it doesn't rely on horizontal compression. The Cons are that poor welding job could result in the bridge collapsing. Sources

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_post Sources

http://bridgehunter.com/category/tag/k-truss/ Sources
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tied_arch_bridge Pratt Truss: Is a bridge where there is both verical and diagonal beams between the upper and lower chord. The main use of the Pratt truss is for railway bridges because it made good use of iron. Sources
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