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Catch me Once Catch me Twice

No description

kayla crichton

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Catch me Once Catch me Twice

Catch me Once Catch me Twice
Submitted to: Mr. Brenton
Submitted by: Kayla Crichton
Book Title: Catch Me Once, Catch Me Twice
Author: Janet McNaughton
Main characters
The main characters in the book are Ev, Peter and Ian McCallum.Ev is a 12 year old girl who has had to move to St.Johns because her father has gone to war and her mother is pregnant. Peter is a 12 year old boy who is in Ev's class. He lives with is Grandmother because his Dad is at war and his Mom has died. Peter also only has one leg. Ian McCallum is Ev's grandfather and plays a very important part in this book because he is a doctor so he can help out with Ev's Mother.

Catch Me Once, Catch Me
Twice takes place in St.Johns, Newfoundland. Mostly at Ev's Grandparents house, Signal hill, Bannerman Park and Ev's school.This story took place during World War Two so somewhere around 1939-1945. At the begining of the book Ev and her Mother had to move in her father's parents because her father has gone to war and Ev's Mather needs the proper health care for her and the baby.
Internal Conflict
An internal conflict in this book is when Ev is worried because Letty gave her a hard dare to kiss peter and she does no want to because she is nervous and doesn't really now him them. Also she is scared that it would be really embarrassing for her. This is resolved when she finally was thinking I will look like fool if I doesn't do it so she does.

External conflict
An external conflict in this book would be when Peter and Ev are at the spring house the first time and it starts to get stormy out. Peter is having a hard time getting around on the wet rocks because of his one leg.Peter has to stop their journey. This was resolved when Peter finally said "This is too hard for him and too dangerous for Ev".
Interpersonal conflict
An Interpersonal conflict that is i this book was when Ev wants to go back to the spring house but Peter does no think it would be safe. So they got in a argument about there different opinions. This was resolved when Peter had to have supper at Ev's house because his grandmother was gone out. They had to spend time together so they weren't mad at each other anymore.
The best part of the book is
when Ev's grandfather called
in the morning and said that
her mom and her little brother
are fine. The worst part of the
the book is when she got called
down to the school office and
told that her dad has gone MIA
(Missing In Action). .I would
recommend this book to people
around my age or older so grade
6 and up. The kind of people that
would like this book would have
to like mystery and suspense.
My favourite quote is when Ches
"With you, Ev, I gets the same feeling. I seems to me no harm was meant. Perhaps it didn't happen so's you could gain your hearts desire at all. Perhaps it was meant to save you from some danger we might know of, might never know of. There is no way of telling, but I knows this much it wasn't for no reason at all. If i've learned anything about this sort of thing, I have learned that it's never for nothing"
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