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Rusty Pennies

Science fair

La la Loo

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Rusty Pennies

Rusty Penny Problem
Which solution cleans metal objects the best; vinegar/salt, vinegar/baking soda, vinegar/water, and just vinegar. Hypothesis
If I use vinegar/salt, vinegar/baking soda, vinegar/water and, just vinegar, to clean metal then I will find out which solution cleans metal the best; I think vinegar/water will be the solution because vinegar is a good cleaner and water so I think vinegar/water is the best solution. Variables
I’m testing different solutions which clean metal the best. How clean the metal will become. By counting the amount of rust or dirt, which remains on the pennies. Using the same amount of liquid each time.
Pennies are made out of 97.5% zinc and 2.5copper. Before 1982 pennies were only made out of copper. The government thought it was too expensive so they used two materials.
The Everything Kid Science Experiment Book
Vinegar is a good cleaning solution. It apparently is great for cutting through grease and deodorizing. Vinegar is good for polishing surfaces.
Vinegar is a really good cleaning solution. It is not toxic to the environment like other cleaning solution. It cleans metals very well.
1.Measuring cup
2.4 cups
5.Baking soda
7.4 pennies
Safety Concerns
I do not have any safety concerns with my science fair project.
1.Get four plastic cups and label each cup 1,2,3,and 4
2.In the first cup put 1/3 a cup of vinegar and a ½ a teaspoon of salt.
3.In the second cup put 1/3 a cup of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
4.In the third cup put 1/3 a cup of vinegar.
5.In the fourth cup put 1/3 a cup of water and 1/3 a cup of vinegar.
6.Leave the pennies in the cups for two hours.
7.Then take the pennies out of the cups. Conclusion
In my hypothesis, I said vinegar/water would be the best. In my experiment I concluded that vinegar/baking soda was the best solution. With only two spots on the penny.
In my experiment I learned that vinegar/baking soda fizz up together. I did not expect that to happen. I learned that vinegar is a good cleaning solution.
I would like to do this experiment again using sodas. Like club soda, diet coke, sprite, dr pepper, and root beer. I think the carbonation would help make the pennies shinier.
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