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Mobile phone as an effective advertising medium

No description

martin dolejs

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Mobile phone as an effective advertising medium

Case studies from abroad
Domino's Pizza
OS Mc Donald's: Otevirame novou restauraci v ulici Na Prikope ve Fridku -Mistku. Do 31. 1. SPECIALNI AKCE jen pro Vas. Staci kliknout na http://c2a.cz/bonus
Location based targeting
Case studies
We are
How many times a day you look at your mobile phone? Probably 150 times.
The average European check his mobile phone 150 times per day.That's every 6,5 minutes.

Users now spend more time each day surfing the web or on their mobile apps than they do watching television.

Monthly spend
Payment behavior
Phone type
Residency (post code)
Current position
Frequented locations
Leisure activities
Interests and hobbies
Used services
Dialed numbers
Smart targeting
How can we measure
the campaigns
Click Through
Number of calls
Number of
Target area
O2 Customer
Client: Bontonfilm
You can use image or video integrated with the text. Up to 1000 text characters.
Interactive link to web site

Advertising formats

You can use up to 320 characters. You can use interactive link to web site.
Mobile web site
Direct link from the SMS or MMS
Access to the web site is free; the customer does not pay for data
The same options as a standard website
Automatically adapts to mobile screen

Name Hostitel
Target group: female, age15-25, Prague, smart targeting (web profiling, cinema visitors)

CTR 7,13 %
Client: Unicreditbank
Event: O2 Arena Fed Cup
Target group: male, female, age 15-55, at the O2 Arena

CTR 6,17%

2,5% of forms completed

Client: Mc Donald's
Event: Opening a new restaurant
Target group: male, female, age 15-55, coming within 500m of the restaurant

CTR 25 %

Mini Cooper
We have 8650 telephone booths for you to advertise on. Our phone booth network offers extensive advertising space in busy places.

Telephone booths
Bill enclosure

Printed bill enclosure for our
small and medium corporate
clients and residential customers.

Direct e-mail

300 000 unique visitors
and 5 million impressions per month

Mobile banner at m.O2.cz

Other advertising formats

900 000 unique customers with sociodemo and residency (postal code) targeting parameters

Think about your customers - who is your target group
Choose the right medium to reach the target
Measure – be effective
Keep it simple

Every day more than 1.3 million Android devices are activated — which is more than the 300,000 babies born daily.
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