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Suburban Lifestyle in the 1950's

No description

Amara Marotta

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Suburban Lifestyle in the 1950's

Suburban Lifestyle
Amara Marotta P.1

Suburban Lifestyle in the 1950's
The number of suburban areas in the 1950s showed the desire of many Americans had was to have a safe family environment.
The Baby Boom
After the war, young couples started to populate a suburbia.
By the end of the 1950s, 70% of all women were married by age 24.
All American women had their first child before they turned 20.
Family togetherness became the national idea made by ministers and advertisements.
Creating Suburbia
All the new families began to create new suburb, and suburbia met a need to fill the American dream.
During World War II, the government and industry built up the image of a suburban house to the families of husbands in the war.
Young wives fantasized about dream houses for when the war was over, and when their husbands came back home.
Popular Culture in Suburban Life
The postwar economic boom made it possible for many Americans to satisfy their wants for a stable, secure family life with a new home.
Anyone could obtain a house in the suburbs which made it simple for many middle-class families to live the American dream.
Suburban life commercial
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