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The Writing Process

No description

Toma Yamashita

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of The Writing Process

I can publish my story on Social Networking Sites or the internet. I can also share my story with friends by mailing it to them or telling it to them. I can also make or write it in a book form.
The Writing Process

I look at my writing and check if it is clear and detailed. I can add more Show Not Tell, Sensory Detail, change Sentence Structure, Similes and Metaphors, etc.
Sacrifice for Love
I organized my story by using Graphic Organizers. For example I used a Event to Theme graphic organizer to sort out my story's Rising Action and Climax.
The purpose of my writing is to entertain people. I want to express my feelings. I wrote this story by choosing the theme first.
Organize my Ideas
Draft Paragraph
"We arrive at the Pacha and Benson opens the door. Allison gets out and stares at all the buildings in awe. The bouncer greets us and takes us inside. I reach in the back pocket of my jeans and take out my wallet."
Revised Paragraph
"Benson pulls into the Pacha parking lot with a loud screech. The door on my side clicks and I open Allison's door. The Pacha is surrounded by baronial skyscrapers. Allison's eyes bulge as she stares at them. The colossal towers look like people standing up, on tiptoes, trying to look above all the other edifice, growing taller and taller. I come back to my senses and see Allison still amazed. Benson has already left with the 77. My hand squeezes Allison's and pulls her to the entrance. The bouncer greets us and takes us inside. A red carpet is laid carefully on the metal floor. I walk towards the cashier and I reach in the back pocket of my jean to remove my wallet."
Use the Graphic Organizers to write the 1st draft of the story. Write all your ideas down without using too much details but focus on using strategies.

Strategies include:
Adding Dialogue
Building Tension
Using Specific Verbs
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