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Coach Carter Assignment: Movie

No description

Jose Lopez

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Coach Carter Assignment: Movie

They learned how to respect each other by calling each other sir and calling the coach sir as well. And if they didn't do that than they got punished.

How did Coach Carter and his team learn to respect each as the season progressed?
Yes, because in y own opinion they need to get good grades and have a good GPA to be able to play on the team.
Do you feel the contract that Coach Carter made his players sigh in order to play?
The contract was important to the development of the movie is because if they would not have followed the contract than they would not have played on the basketball team nor would they have came together as a team.
Why was the contract important to the development of the story line of this movie?
Yes it did because getting them to get good grades gave them more opportunities at getting into collages and having a good future.

Did helping his team achieve academic success ultimately mean more than basketball games?
The main theme of this movie was to show that anyone can do what they set their minds to. Also it was that anyone can achieve their goals no matter how short or long the goals are, you can still reach them with hard work and dedication.
What was the main theme(message) of the movie?
Coach Carter Assignment: Movie
By: Jose & Gabe
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