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Overly Sentimental Appeals

No description

Remi Martinez

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Overly Sentimental Appeals

Overly Sentimental Appeals
Using tender emotions excessively to distract readers from facts.
Pet advertising fits in well with our fallacy as pet shelters always put the image of "best friend" next to a pet or even show the animals in a sad state, encouraging the reader to follow their sentimental and sympathy feelings towards getting a pet, not realizing that the harsh truth is that having a pet is a huge responsibility that can prove costly. The shelters never go over this fact and thus rather divert the attention of the audience towards their feelings and how they'll be doing a good thing if they adopt.
Dogs make great companions, but when we see ads such as these people tend to forget how expensive and difficult they are to be taken care of.
Appeal to emotion
Syllogism in Advertising
-Lonely people need companions
Pets make great companions
Thus, Lonely people should get a pet
-It is Good to adopt a pet
Good people have pets
Therefor, you will be a good person if you adopt a pet
Our Fallacy in pet advertisement
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