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I-SCoRe 2

No description

Ho Jia Yun

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of I-SCoRe 2

How to make Lonely Lauren move around easily?

Area of concern:
Brighthill Evergreen
Our solution
A walking aid that has a basket in front for the elderly to store things. As the elderly may not be able to carry heavy objects around, placing them in the basket would be a much better alternative for the elderly. Also, it has wheels in front so the elderly do not need to use too much strength to maneuver the walking aid.
How does it work?
The elderly simply needs to push the walking aid without too much force to move it around. However, if the elderly is about to fall down, he or she can push the walking aid backwards so that the wood at the back can prevent the elderly from falling down. We did not add wheels at the back so that we could add something to act as the stopper or brake.
The product aids the elderly by:
allowing the elderly to carry heavy objects around
making sure that the elderly does not need to use too much strength to maneuver the walking aid
save resources and reuse something that will not be in use again
allows the elderly to save even more energy by letting her put her items in the basket as compared to carrying it
How we could have improved on our product
We could have:
used rubber tires on the wheel to have more friction to act as brakes for the product
used something like rubber covered blocks to makes brakes at the back
installed an openable basket in case of bad weather
glued the acrylic much more tightly
sprayed more paint to prevent rusting of our product
add more features to our product
I-SCoRe 2
Group 4: Caroline Khoo(8), Tan Wei Lin(18), Ho Jia Yun(28), Yap Hao Jeun(38)

-Introduction to the problem we are solving
-The solution we proposed
-How our solution works (Live demonstration )
- Advantages of our solution
Process of Making the Product
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