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Journey to Online Teaching

This video publication gives examples of how digitalisation and online teacher training has been implemented at Turku University of Applied Sciences.


on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Journey to Online Teaching

Journey to Online Teaching
– Professional Development
in Online Pedagogy

People follow many different paths on their journey to online teaching. Teachers and students need to be supported in developing new skills and mindsets in new environments. Institution's role is significant in giving frameworks and tools for this development work.

This video publication introduces the Journey to Online Teaching at Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) through the eyes of different actors in online teaching.
Perspectives on Future Learning and Teaching at Turku University of Applied Sciences
Minna Scheinin, Head of Future Learning Design at Turku University of Applied Sciences discusses digitalisation now and in the future, and asks how learning is different in the future.

In addition, she presents how innovation pedagogy can support learning in various working environments. She concludes by explaining how teachers are supported in their journey to online teaching.
The New Roles of Teachers and Students
Sanna Simola, e-Learning Trainer, explains how new approaches, new mindsets and new roles are important in the journey to online teaching.

She also emphasizes the role of pedagogy in relation to technology, and presents different possible ways of online implementations.
She suggests courage is a powerful tool in utilising the possibilities of online teaching.
Journey to Online Teaching
– Professional Development
in Online Pedagogy
Marjo Joshi & Sanna Simola

Turku University of Applied Sciences
Turku 2016
Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 232
ISSN 1459-7764 (electronic)

Marjo Joshi & Sanna Simola (eds.)
eTUBE – Online Pedagogy for Teachers
Marjo Joshi, e-Learning Trainer, presents eTUBE, a continuing professional development course for online teaching skills. She explains how the course contents and methods support teachers in developing their online teaching.

The results of eTUBE research also show that teachers' skills are developing in many different ways. According to her, the practical approach of the course has produced many successful online implementations already.
Case 1: Experiences of an Online Teacher
Alberto Gonzalez, a lecturer in International Business, gives an overview of his journey to online teaching through his Research Methods online course.

He points out how his expectations were changed during the professional development course, and how his online teaching has since developed.

He also shares some important viewpoints on being an online teacher, be it in Finland or abroad.
Jaana Tomppo and Sirppa Kinos, teachers of Urban Health online course, discuss their experiences of co-teaching and co-creating an online course.

They also share examples of their journey to online teaching, and explain how their online teaching has reached a new level after learning more about online pedagogy.

Despite facing some challenges, together they created a successful outcome with their Urban Health online course.
Online teaching offers teachers, students and institutions exciting possibilities for future learning.

The two cases clearly illustrate that professional development can change not only what we do on line and in the future, but also how we do it.

The journey may be challenging at times but the rewards encourage to continue the work in developing online teaching further.
Film. edit.
Henri Särkkä
Aino Alastalo

Minna Scheinin
Sanna Simola
Marjo Joshi
Alberto Gonzalez
Sirppa Kinos
Jaana Tomppo

With thanks to
Turku Castle
Turku Art Museum
Restaurant Masala

Filming location
Turku Art Museum, February 2016, exhibition by Miikka Vaskola
Case 2: Co-teaching and Collaborating Online
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