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Present Progressive (Spanish)

using AR, ER, IR verb in ING form. HS Spanish II presentation project. Translation.

Nam Dy

on 15 October 2010

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Transcript of Present Progressive (Spanish)

#2) In Chile, people dance "the Cueca"; so here in U.S, the Groovaloos AKA the "B-Boys"are break dancing in Philadelphia city. I am watching and taking pictures of their show. #1) I’m pointing at the casino in Atlantic City "AC". This year, my freinds and I are hanging out at the beach during our Spring break. #3) I am using the Webcam with my best friend, sophi<EE3. We are making a heart shape and smiling. #4)I am practicing volleyball with Philadelphia University's players in their gym. Charles is running toward the ball and spiking it. I'm editing and controling the music for Mr. CCTS event. The Champion, Joe Canizo, is receiving the trophy. The seniors of Penn Tech aka "our rivals" are standing. They are forming a shape of 2010. P.P.P.P.P
Spanish II, P. 1st
by N. Dy. F.I.N
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