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No description

Lilly Garcia

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Ruby

By Lilly Mercedez Garcia
Table of Contents
2.Table of Contents
4.Belifs about Rubies and History about Rubies
5.Physical Properties of a Ruby
6.The Value of Rubies
The name of my Birthstone is a Ruby. My birth month and day is July, 12.
There is only one birthstone for my month.
Beliefs about Rubies and History about Rubies
Beliefs about Rubies are said to guarantee health,wisdom,wealth and success.
History about Rubies, the ruby was known as The "King of Gems". To others it was a representation of the sun. According to legend,warriors implanted rubies under their skin to bring valor in battle like an talisman. It was believed that rubies would cure blood diseases,stop bleeding,ensure good heath , and bring peace.In England, it was used for coronation rings and to this day enjoys popularity among royalty. Rubies are extremely hard, second only to diamonds. their colour varies from light pink to the richest carmine.
Physical properties of a Ruby
Rubies are formed beneath heat and pressure in the earths crust and temperature roots that elements accountable for the formation of rubies to become molten.
The Values of a Ruby
The Regions of Rubies
The elements that make a ruby are aluminum
and oxygen. The chemical formula of a ruby is AL2O3.
The color of a ruby is a deep red, brownish, purplish, and pinkish color.The hardness scale of a ruby is 9.0 moh's and the name of a mineral that can be scratched by a ruby is a Talc.
The regions were rubies are found are in nine countries called Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tazania, Combodia, Afghanistan, and India.The mining process of a ruby is
Thanks for watching!
Mining for rubies is similar to the early Burmese mining method. Using either human labor or machines, large pits are dug. When the top layers of earth are carted away, the workers are left with either rocks or sand. These layers have to be carefully sorted in the case of sand or chipped away in the case of rock to reveal the gemstones. The pits can be filled in again or repurposed as landfills.
A ruby is a Gemstone that is similar to an Sapphire because they are both corundum.
I enjoyed finding out things I didn't know about my birthstone and the most memorable thing I learned about my birthstone was that rubies represent different types of things to other people.
My birthstone is common used for in today is Jewelry, Bearings, Lasers, Charms and others.
1.Some rubies are red with yellowish to orange tones.
2.Burmese rubies are considered among the most beautiful examples of the gemstone.
3.In the Bible, Job says that “wisdom is more precious than rubies”.
4.The word ruby comes from the Latin rubens which means red
5.Hindus believe that wearing a ruby protects them from their enemies.
Fun Fact about Rubies
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10.Thanks for Watching!
The Values of a Ruby is $700 dollars and up it mostly depends on the size of the ruby the bigger it is the more expensive it is.
The red ruby variety of corundum, are one of the rarest recognized gems.
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