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Paul Revere

No description

Rachael Savoie

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Paul Revere

Paul Revere was commiting treason by taking part in this ride, he was a British citizen and could have been hanged for his crimes.
Paul Revere made the first copper stamps for stamping the first american money in Massachusets.
He did not accually shout "The Brittish comming" Everyone in the America were still British citizens.
The Ride Of Paul Revere
The reason the ride was made was to notify John Hancock and Samuel Adams that The British troops were marching to arrest them and notify the contryside that the British were comming so they could fight and protect the munitions depot in Concord.
The British wanted sieze the munitions and subdue the leaders.
With no leaders and no muntitions there could be no war.

Paul Revere was not the only rider, William Dawes and Dr. Samuel Prescott, are also known to have made simmilar rides that night.
Historians speculate that over 40 riders were involded as well.
Israel Bissel and Sybil Ludington rode similar rides a few days after
Paul Revere
Born January 1st 1735
Mother: Debroah Hitchborn
Father: Apollos Rivoire (Paul Revere)

Metal smith (copper, pewter, silver)
Dentist (How he met Dr. Joseph Warren)
Express rider (carried important political news and letters)

Paul's First Wife
Remarried Rachael Walker on october 10th 1773
• Joshua (1774-1801)
• John (1776-1776)
• Joseph (1777-1868)
• Lucy (1780-1780)
• Harriet(1783-1860)
• John (1783-1789)
• Maria(1785-1847)
• John (1787-1847)
Paul's Second Wife
Married Sarah Orne August 4th 1757
Children with Sarah:
• Deborah (1758-1797)
• Paul (1760-1813)
• Sarah (1762-1791)
• Mary (1764-1765)
• Frances (1766-1799)
• Mary (1768-1853)
• Elizabeth (1770-1805)
• Isannah(1772-1805)
Sarah Died after the birth of her 8th child in 1773
This video had a lot of the same information found in Paul
Revere's firsthand account of the ride that he wrote and gave to historan Jeremy Belknap
The following Day was the start of the
News Paper
New York Times
Longfellows Poem
"Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere..."
This poem is probably one of the only reasons we remember this ride. Revere and others were making rides like this often, it would have been just as easy for longfellow to write a poem about William Dawes who also made the ride.
Took some poetic liberties and changed things a little to make them sound good.
It was not intended as history it was intended to get people to fight in the civil war and convince them that every person can make a difference like Paul Revere did.
Fun/ Not Fun Facts
The Ride
April 18th 1775
Starting aproximately at 10:00pm
Paul Revere rode from Carlston to Lexington (He was suppose to go Concord but was arrested before he got there)
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