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EXO: Timeline

No description

Tianna S

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of EXO: Timeline

EXO: Timeline
Offical Debut: 2012
Exo's offical debut was on April 8 2012 with their debut single "MAMA". Exo-M's version of of the single top the Chinese music charts after one day of release. Exo-K's music video reached #7 on Youtube's Global Chart.
Exo-K Members
2013 comback
Exo's 2012 debut 'MAMA' and 2013 comeback studio album "XOXO" were major successes. Exo became the youngest boy bad to win Album of the year at the Mnet Asian Music awards
Exo-M Members
Xiumin (24) Luhan (24) Chen(21)
Albums Paid off
2014: Overdose
Overdose is Exo's next album that has just been released on April 15 of this year. Check it out.
Exo Intro
EXO is a Korean Pop boy band founded by Lee Soo-man, a producer of S.M Entertainment, in Seoul South Korea. There are 12 members divided into two groups : Exo-M and Exo-K. Two groups were made to have a bigger fan base with different languages. Exo-K is for songs in Korean and Exo-M is for songs in mandarin.
Kris (23)
Tao (20)
Suho (
Chanyeol (21)
D.O (21)
Kai (20)
Sehun (20)
In June 2013 Exo's album, XOXO was released and topped nearly every real-time chart from online music sites of South Korea and mainland China
Thanks to wikipedia.org for info
Kpop has a different method for born to be stars, they have teens and kids be trained for as long as needed based on talent, in order to have a music career. Their stars work for companies and get a certain amount of salary. Members of Exo have had to learn to go make money for themselves by doing extra commercials or shows in order to make money. The method of companies having some control on the stars makes them better behaved and better skilled at their talent. I plan to study their ways and introduce it to Amerian born to be stars so that way the action of teenage stars of America like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber will not be repeated
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