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exploring cars

Alikhan Jetha

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of cars

The Bugatti was the fastest car out of them all Here is a head 2 head clip from YouTube My favorite car is the doge charger.
Here is a photo of the doge charger. Here is another photo of the charger but on its rear side.

Fuel System Most cars operate on gasoline; gasoline is pumped into the gas tank at the gas station. When the car is started, there is an electric pump inside the gas tank that pumps the gas to the engine. Engine

The engine has four, five, six or eight cylinders. Some very expensive cars have 12-cylinder engines. The gas is distributed to each of the cylinders by the fuel injection system. The fuel injectors vaporize the gas, or turn it into a mist, and the spark plugs in the cylinder ignite the vaporized gas and cause it to explode. The car's ignition system tells the spark plugs when to explode at the correct time. The explosion pushes down a piston in the cylinder, causing the crankshaft to turn. Exploring Cars Here are some facts about cars
Enjoy :) Here is the last video of head 2 head for you Thanks for watching
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