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Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology Final

No description

Carly Nugent

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology Final

Weight: 182 lbs
Height: 5'5"
Additional Health Issues:
Weak Hips
-Plantar Faciitis in right heel
-Over weight
-Allergic to gluten and dairy Health Plan Client Introduction Name: Caroline McFinnagen
Age: 43
Additional Information:
-Allergic to gluten and
various forms of dairy By Carly Nugent Full Health Analysis Starting Fitness Level -Client has a limited fitness routine due to discomfort (excess fat/weight, Plantar Faciitis)
-Client walks through her neighborhood semi-regularly, but is later discouraged due to heel pain. Goals of the Client -Client wants to "slim" down and lose around 30 lbs.
-Client wants to have a healthier diet plan.
-Client wants to rid herself of her heel pain so she can exercise comfortably. Nutrition Plan Must:
-Exclude Gluten and Dairy.
-Taste good to keep Client involed and interested.
-Have a low level of simple sugars to reduce fat build up.
-High levels of protiens, lower levels of saturated/transfats.
-Vitamins and minerals to speed up metabolism and get rid of excess body fat. Nutritional Plan (cont.) Generally "healthy" diet.
Lots of organic fruits and vegetables.
Healthy protiens like nuts, fish, and poultry.
Less simple sugars (sugary beverages/desserts)
No dairy/gluten (bread, cheese *will also lower simple sugar intake) Sample Menus Breakfast:
Fresh Fruit
Nuts or granola with almond milk
Water or a fruit juice Dinner: Hearty (but not dairy based) soup
like chicken noodle with gluten free noodles
Green Beans or carrots
Water or a fruit juice Exercise Plan Based on the client's previous exercise regemine, they should slowly increase the difficulty of their workouts. I would put them in a shoe with an elevated heel, so that the majority of their weight would be put on the ball of the foot rather than the heel. This would help when they walk/run for exercise. I would also tell them, because of their hip and foot discomforts, to do low impact activities like swimming. I would also recommend lifting light weights to tone her arms. Along with this, she should do some light cardio like Zumba. Evalution I will measure her weight, as well as keeping record of her physical appearance and how she feels. Bench marks could be something like every 5 pounds or inch lost in her waistline or clothing sizes. She will have completely accomplished her goal when she reaches 147lbs, and her plantar faciitis clears up. Sample Exercise Plan Monday:
30 minute walk
20 minute weights

35 minute walk
20 minute lap swim

40 minute walk
10 minute cardio

20 minute walk

30 minute walk
20 minute weights

20 minute cardio
20 minute weights

45 minute walk Lunch:
Grilled Chicken Salad (for additional protein) with a light vinagrette dressing
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