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Session one

No description

Hend ElMohandes

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Session one

Our Rules Antika Conclusion Let's play a game Write down
your Expectations Green Black Orange Red Yellow How our
brain works? What's it's language? 1) Emotions + Senses 2)Repetition 3) Trusted source It's show time Education system Static State .....

we are always searching
for the model answer Being different....... is being wrong It's all about being conscious
about the sub conscious Are You Educated ?! What did u get ? The ugly truth

1- coca drinkers have higher cancer risk
2- high acidity affects the function of kidney
3- it's acidity dissolve the teeth and bones So, what's wrong
with the flow ?! Family Pick the differences Grab your cards Media Every child has his own capabilities , his own beliefs and his own desires ...
like stars on earth Why Does that happen?! Techniques Bos el 3asfora!!! Did you notice?? Repetition Attaching emotion el 3awatef
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