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AML Career Research Project

Psychiatrist and Pediatrician

Alison Lobo

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of AML Career Research Project

Career Research Project
by: Alison Lobo Career Cluster:
HEALTH SCIENCE Boost health--diagnose/treat illness:

1. Indirect: Research for records

2. Direct: Work with patients MY JOBS! Educational Requirements Bachelor's degree
Medical school
-2 years studying
-2 years intern
Residency program WAGES: Adolescent Psychiatrist:

$85.18 per hour(average)

$32.99 per hour(lowest) Pediatrician:

$82.49 per hour(average)

$41.99 per hour(lowest) Benefits: Sick Leave Paid Vacation Health Insurance Retirement Plan Outlook: Psychiatrist:
Strong demand importance of mental health

25.4% by 2020 Pediatricians
varies with Birth Rates

24.6% by 2020 Adolescent Psychiatrist Prescribe drugs

Help patients/negotiate

Record articles/data


Analyzing Data
Adolescent Psychiatrist
Work Setting Clinics, offices, hospitals Choose hours

Social Interaction:
with co-workers
with patients Pediatrician Treat health/prescribe drugs

Supervise others

Keep records/data




Work Setting Social Interaction

40 hours per week

Surrounded by infected people Fitting me IsFJ:
Value Relationships helpful to patients
Good Memory remember procedures Likes:
science/ Math
Helping others

Long Education
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