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SangSuk Kang

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of PROFILING

Table of contents
Definition of offender profiling
The five steps of offender profiling
Offender profiling's 3 premises
History of the profiling
The concrete case of offender profiling
The Quotation about Offender Profiling
The today of offender profiling
Definition of offender profiling
The history of offender profiling
The first offender profiling was used for the witch trials in 1400.

FBI profiling part was established in 1960 by Harward Teten

In 1992, England, University of Liverpool started to teach the subject 'profiling' professionaly.

The biggest organization "Academic of behavioral profiling' (ABP) was founded in 1999

The five Procedural steps of the offender profiling
1. A thorough analysis of the type/nature of the criminal act is made and it is then compared to the types of people who have committed similar crimes in the past
2. An in depth analysis of the actual crime scene is made
3. The victim's background and activities are analyzed, to look for possible motives and connections
4. The possible factors for the motivation of the crime are analyzed
5. The description of the possible offender is developed, founded on the detected characteristics, which can be compared to with previous cases
The concrete case of offender profiling
The first case is 1937 Charles Lindbergh adbuction case

Prof, Dudley Shenfeld presumed the offender killed a adbutee kid and single crime.

The famous case is Mad Boomer case in New york, from 1940 to 1950

Prof , James respected the offender is a 40-50 single bachelor and immigrater who can't speak English very well and he has mysophobia when he arrests he will wear the suit. It is almost collect.
Offender profiling is a new born subject so it has a gigantic potential, even though it started infamous case the witch trails.

Profiling is profiling itself does not resolve the case, offender profiling is typically managed large amounts of information that is a powerful decision support tools.

countries in the world have been the introduction of profiling is the case did reduce criminal countermeasures more effectively.
Nowadays, the number of intelligent criminals is increasing.
Cases need clues to be solved; profilers assist to find out the offender.
FBI, CIA and a lot of security services and private detectors learn profiling.
Partial and schematic set of lines giving a sense of shape
It is leading to offender's admission for the criminal evidence
The Quotation about Offender Profiling
Rather than use the term 'profiling,' the profilers prefer to say they engage in criminal investigative analysis. That is because, besides developing profiles, the analysts offer a range of other advice, including personality assessments and interview techniques tailored to a particular offender.
-Ronald Kessler
Offender profiling's 3 Premises.
Charactistic :
Background, Religion, social skills

Criminal scene :
Offencive weapon, victim's injury

Modus operand :
signature, special pattern
The 2 types of offender profiling
Inductive profiling :
FBI(Crime Sence Profiling)
Liverpool(Investigate Pycologic Profiling)

Deductive profiling
Investigate with only scene's situation
Advantage and disadvantage of Inductive profiling
Advantages :
saving money and time
Easy to make a conclusion witout professional skill

Fallacy of hasty generalization
Deductive profiling
Advantages :
Easy to figure out the criminal motivation
Easy to find out the criminal style
Need to professional skills
Nowadays, tendency of profiling
Giograpical profiling :
Range of criminal
Spots of serise crime
Propose of areas
Linkage profiling :
Focus on the location fo scene specific
Classification of criminals
Presenter : Tommy
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