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Xbox 360

No description

Maria Hernandez

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Xbox 360

In a 2004 US Secret Service review of school-based attacks found that one-eighth of attackers had an interest in violent video games, less than the rate of interest attackers showed in violent movies, and books.
Video games often reward players for violent missions, and that's when they learn those aggressive behaviors. Studies suggest that when violence is rewarded in video games, kids aggressiveness increased because they see that there are no consequence for what they have done.
Violent video games cause players to associate pleasure and happiness with the ability to cause pain in others.
Young children are likely to confuse video game violence with real world violence, and without being able to tell the difference, they may mimic the actions they see in violent video games.
A 2000 FBI report states that playing violent video games is a factor to school shootings.
The Bad

Bad Outcome

Events that occur that affect Microsoft's reputation are those that involve people doing anything to get their hands on an Xbox. One example would be Marcus Donté Reed who believed that three brothers had stolen his Xbox 360. So he's accused of going to their house with an "assault weapon" and shooting them all dead. There have been multiple accidents similar to this because adults either want the

Good Outcome
The Xbox has changed a lot from the moment that it came out in 2005, today it is one of the most popular game console in the US. They have added many features to make the Xbox better than other systems and one of them are: Achievements. Achievements that are on the Xbox can motivate you to keep playing, or re-playing games, long after you'd normally be done with them, and that is always a good thing. It allow you to play the game differently from what you usually would. This new feature was interesting enough that Sony had directly copied them, so Microsoft must have done something right when it came up with Achievements. The Xbox 360 has greatly changed and evolved over the years and is undoubtedly a much better system today than it was when it launched.
X-box has made alot of money from their console and games. According to the Microsoft website, X-box has made a total of 197,628,000 during the 2013 years.
Many of my peers would say that videos improve their hand eye coordination.
According to ABC News video games could improve early literacy skills when coupled with strong parental and teacher involvement. Interestingly, the study focused on young children, and 4- and 5-year-old who participated showed increases in letter recognition, sounds association with letters, and understanding basic concepts about stories and print.
According to Procons.org, playing violent video games provides a safe environment for aggressive and angry feelings. A 2007 study showed that 45% of boys played video games because "it helps me get my anger out" and 62% played because it "helps me relax."
The Good
The Ugly
By listening to my peers who spend up to seven hours a day on a video game console, which most likely would be Xbox 360, they are spending their time on the video games instead of doing physical activity. Even though parents are concerned about their children's health, they never look at the negative effect that video games have upon their health.Research has been conducted that shows video games is a major factor for weight gain on children, which brings the problem most americans worry about today of obesity. Overweight children are more likely to play an excessive amount of time on video games.

All facts from http://videogames.procon.org/
Promoting Exercise (Good Outcome)
All parents know that kids need a healthy combination of physical and mental exercise. Happily, today’s motion-controlled games for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect.
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