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Boys as Girls

No description

Saon Pal

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Boys as Girls

Elizabethan Actors
Boys as Girls
-Costumes were likely to be decorated with (-braid-embroidery-pinking-slashing-puffing)
By: Saon Pal
-Women aren't allowed to perform
-Odd for a woman to perform
-Women stayed home
-Young boys acted as women
-Boys aged 13-19 acted Women
-Their voice is not fully matured
Why Was it Important?
Why did young boys dress as girls?
How was Music Expressed
Disadvantages of young boys acting as women
Songs sung in churches
Songs sung in villages and fields
New musical instruments introduced like viola
Music was taught in schools and universities
Violin, oboe, harpsichord, keyboard and lute main instruments
-Young boys got paid least
-White makeup was lead based
-Many young boys died from makeup
-Dresses were very elaborate
-Time consuming to dress boys
-Costumes made with multiple layers
Why was dance important?
Very popular pastimes
Varied on social class
Considered exercise of mind and body
Different music and instruments made new styles
Upper class enjoyed new styles of dance
A lot of influence came from Queen Elizabeth
Facts on Dance
Dances brought from Spain, Italy and France
Ballet only men would perform
Many would dance in Elizabethan court
Many dances would require a couple
Dancing masters were usually men
Masters wrote on paper new dances
Elizabethan Theater
Picture of Twelfth Night
Upper Class Women
Music was very important to woman
Women were expected to play the lute or virginals
Only middle or upper class learned Music
No female musicians
There were composers but unappreciated
Had their own musicians
Costumes were encrusted with pearls, jewels, or trimmed with lace or artificial flowers
How costumes were decorated
The hair styles were greatly varied at the time:
Cut closely at the sides
Brushed and held with gum
Curled all over the head
Clothing differentiated the classes of people at the time.
Rich/Wealthy would wear bright fabrics.
The costumes would take an incredible amount of time to make.
Costumes would help the play e.g lighting, set etc. It would reflect the mood.
By Sharon, Saon and Ibrahim
Lower class women
Received no education or school
Did not receive training in playing instruments
Sang themselves during dinner
Did not have own musicians
Was used to ease pain of work
Okay Saon we just need to add this to the path right? yeah and this is sharon
Music was open to everyone
Men mostly wrote and composed music
wasn't a good job unless queen Elizabeth appreciated you
Men wanted to do music unlike now
Men who couldn't sing well were not a gentlemen
Men performed publicly
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