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counble and uncontable.

No description

martina reveco

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of counble and uncontable.

accounting is what you can expect biscuits example, chairs, tables, toys, children, etc ...
accounting is not what examples can not count water, soup, wine, whatever is in liters and grams etc.
Lucia asks for water
Veronica asks for a kilo of bread
josefa order a liter of oil
Daniela asks for a kilo of dog food
Josefina asks for a gram of sugar
pictures the uncontable.
examples with prayers
veronica account crackers
Mrs. account the roles of his office
Sofia has coins from his piggy
Luciano has his balls
Isabel has his notebooks
counble and uncontable.

name: javiera echevarria the martina jara
grade : 6
teacher : guillermo guzman
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