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Trickle Across

No description

Nia Golembe

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Trickle Across

Trickle Across By: Nia, Tyquon, AC, Becca The Trickle Across Theory is a hypothesis that states that fashion acceptance begins
among several social classes at the same time. There are fashion leaders in all groups. The Theory behind Trickle Across The Trickle Across Theory In the world of fashion, new designs are produced at all price levels at the same time. The theory of fashion adoption that states that fashions move horizontally between similar social classes rather than vertically from one level to another. Another term for this is mass-market theory. Horizontal Flow Theory Horizontal Flow Theory (cont.) Members of each social group look at the leaders of their own group for fashion trends. The social classes stick within their own people, and don't branch out to look for fashion trends. A leader within a group of peers influences the others with their fashion decisions. Leaders and Followers
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