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John B. Watson

No description

kelly kwong

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of John B. Watson

John B. Watson
Grew up in South Carolina

Entered Furman University at 16

"Little Albert" Experiment
Set the stage for behaviorism

Concepts and principles still used today

Conditioning and behavior modification
"Little Albert" Experiment
Ivan Pavlov
Neutral stimulus- the rat

Unconditional stimulus- the noise

Unconditioned response- fear

Conditioned stimulus- the white rat

Conditioned response- fear
Graduated in 5 years w/ a masters Degree
University of Chicago
1903 - Ph.D. in psychology
Our behaviors and personality evolve from a systematic method of rewards and punishment
Every human differences came from a learning at some point in our lives
Presented the white rat again, but this time combined with a loud noise
Watson and Rayner showed the rat again, but without the noise

When showed the rat the boy showed fear
Demonstrated how emotions could become conditional responses
"Little Albert" responded by crying
Watson and Rayner presented the boy with a white rat

Observed if he was afraid of the rodent, which he was not
Repeated this action several more times
Behavioral training
Little Albert
Douglas Merritte
Suffering from Hydrocephalus

Died at age 6
Build up of fluids inside the skull which can lead to convulsions, enlargement of the head and mental disorders
The experiment was unethical
Today's Standards
John Watson
B.F. Skinner
Experiment with ringing a bell and feeding dogs
conditioned the dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell
Emphasize that humans could react and be conditioned in the same way
1908 Taught at John Hopkins University
Assistant Rosalie Rayner
Believes that the human behavior is shaped by natural selection, cultural practices and your inner state



Diana Xu
Kelly Kwong
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