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Elizabeth the first

This is a presentation for my year 9 English research task. I learnt so much about Elizabeth the 1st that i have been looking into other royals. I suggest that you take in the history of the royal families and explore them for yourself.

Brooke Ashleigh

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Elizabeth the first

Elizabeth the First
Born on the 7th of September, 1533, she was from Henry the Eighth's second marriage. After her mother was executed when Elizabeth was just 2 and half years old, Elizabeth had a dim perspective on love and romance. Instead, Elizabeth focused on her studies and loved the entertainment of the age.

After Elizabeth's half sister Mary passed, Elizabeth became the 3rd queen of England. Ruling for nearly half a century without a husband.
Childhood and adolescence
During King Henry the Eighth's second marriage to Anne Boleyn (Elizabeth's mother) he wished for a boy but instead received Elizabeth. After 2 miscarriages, Henry had grew tiresome of Anne not producing a male heir to this thrown. Henry had Anne arrested and falsely charged with Adultery and high treason, resulting in execution. 12 days later he remarried Jane Seymour.

When Elizabeth's mother was executed Elizabeth was classified as illegitimate by all of Europe, alike her half-sister Mary. Through all 4 of Henry's other marriages Elizabeth never commented on them. Her father's dismissive nature about his marriages lead Elizabeth to think lowly of romance and love. Henry finally received his son. In his 3rd marriage, to Jane Seymour, came a son. Unfortunately, Jane passed after childbirth.

However, Henry's sixth and final wife Katharine Parr had a major impact on Elizabeth. Katharine employed the most distinguished tutors of them time, allowing Elizabeth to educated as well as any legitimate prince. Elizabeth continued to stay focused to her studies and developed a love for the musical arts and entertainment. At the age of 13, her father, King Henry the Eighth died. King Henry left in his Will the throne to his only son, Edward the sixth who was only 9 at the time.
Relations with her half Siblings
Once King Edward the sixth (Elizabeth's half brother) pasted away at the age 16, he tried to disinherit Mary the first (Elizabeth's half sister) by passing the throne onto their cousin Lady Jane Grey in his Will. After nine days of ruling England, Mary the First organised an army to take over the kingdom. Mary was now the queen of England. However, Mary was catholic while most of England's residents were Protestant, this caused an uproar within the kingdom.

During Mary's rein, she tried to bring Catholicism into England, over 300 Protestant leaders and officials were burnt at the stake. The kingdom nicknamed Mary the first as Bloody Mary for all the deaths that she caused over religious debates. Sir Thomas Wyatt in 1554 raided the kingdom to take back England for the Protestants. Wyatt sent a notice of his plan but Elizabeth took no action in it, denying involvement in the plan. However Mary believe that Elizabeth was trying to take over the throne, Elizabeth tried through letters to convince her sister of her innocence. Mary didn't believe her sister and sent her to the Tower of London. Wyatt was captured and was asked to admit Elizabeth's involvement with his plan. He didn't admit her involvement and Elizabeth was set free. Wyatt was beheaded for treason.

Mary and Elizabeth always had a hostile relationship. Mary always believed that Elizabeth and her mother were responsible for Mary and her mother's imprisonment in the Tower of London and the illegitimacy of Mary towards the throne. Having 17 years of age difference, Mary felt threaten to Elizabeth's presence as Mary wanted the throne. To add to the list of major and dividing differences; Mary had chosen to take her mother's path of religion, Catholic, whereas Elizabeth had chosen to stay Protestant.

In 1558 Queen Mary died and Elizabeth took over the throne of England. Starting her 45 year rein as queen of England.
Her reign
Taking the throne in 1559, Elizabeth became a much loved ruler of England. Elizabeth began to re-introduce the Protestant religious community. When Elizabeth became queen of England she had been given a large list of problems after her sister's attempt at changing the national religion of England. England now had civil a war between Protestant and Catholic believers and a war with France. During her first session of Parliament in 1559, Elizabeth went through books and talked to religious authorities about the situations raging in England at that present time. After much consideration Elizabeth said, "There is one Jesus Christ, The rest is a dispute over trifles." The Catholic church didn't like her opinion on the matter. Pope Pius V excommunicated her in 1570. However, the war between England and France subsided.

In 1561 Mary Stuart, queen of Scots, arrived back in Scotland after the death of her husband, King Francis II. When Mary Stuart arrived back home, she tried to claim the throne of England since she was (strangely enough) Elizabeth's cousin. Since Mary Stuart was a Catholic, the Catholics of England believed that Mary Stuart was the rightful heir of the English throne and plots were made towards Elizabeth to eliminate her from the throne. In 1567 Mary Stuart was linked to several assassination attempts and Elizabeth imprisoned her. After nearly 20 years imprisoned, Elizabeth finally agreed to have her cousin executed. This sparked conflict between Spain and England because of the execution of a catholic. Spain sent the Spanish Armada in 1588 but, because of England's strong army, the armada was defeated.

Elizabeth may have been smart and successful as queen of England but she always thought of who would be the next heir of England. She had plenty of proposals and suitors but after seeing her father's failed marriages and her sister's unpopular choice of marriage, Elizabeth wasn't thrilled at the idea of marriage. Although,some people speculate that Elizabeth had an attraction towards a member of the court Robert Dudley. She never acted on it though and was known as the Virgin Queen. Elizabeth's most memorable quotes of all time, 'I have already joined myself in marriage to a husband, namely the kingdom of England."
Her relationship with Shakespeare
Elizabeth loved the musical and theater arts. She especially loved William Shakespeare. Shakespeare use to play with the 'Lord Chamberlain's Men' where everybody, including the queen, use to attend his plays. His scripted plays use to especially attract the Queen as Shakespeare hinted various passages and events that referred to the Queen and her family. The Puritans shut down the Globe theater in 1642 because people where spending way too much time in the theater instead of praying. Elizabeth was outraged. Elizabeth wanted her people to be able to experience theater arts and joined with Shakespeare and other famous writers of the times to bring back theater arts. Elizabeth and her group, nicknamed the 'Queen's Men', brought back the Globe and theater arts.
Elizabeth and Shakespeare had such a relationship that when Elizabeth the First died in 1603, Shakespeare started to write tragedies to occur in his plays.
Queen Elizabeth the first is one of the most infamous queens of London of all time.
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