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my trip to thailand

awesomness in making

marcus hermanson

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of my trip to thailand

by Marcus Hermanson My trip to Thailand This was the back of our hotel room this is a sand sculpture There was also a big beach were we were there were many monkeys there We went to Phi Phi island and saw these monkeys by boat We went into the Emerald cave this place was called koh lanta This was where we were in Thailand thanks for watching This is the end bye!! And subscribe plz!!! This is one of many slides I will be making so I would be very thankfull if you look at my presentations. play the music and enjoy!!!! You should not go to Thailand from April to november because the moonsoon is raging and it will be wet and muddy. you should go from the end of november to late february. In Thailand you can stay at a really luxerious or a cheap hotel. It all depends on how much you are wiling to pay. Typically, you will get a lot of value for your money in Thailand. In general it is safe to visit Thailand. Traffic accidents, petty thieft and scams are the most common crimes. Think about the following: don't get drunk, don't get into fights and wear a helmet when riding a MC. The local language they speak is Thai and a little bit of English. Thier neighbors speack better English then them. In hotels, stores and resturants they speak better English then the common person on the street. This local fire juggler could not speak English You can travel by boat to the islands. be careful since many boats are old, lacks life jackets and have poorly educated seamen. Be sure to ask the hotel for a boat recommendation. Thailand has grown the economy and continues to grow. This has led to polution of the water and the air. They are building resorts and hotels destroying trees and wild life. This is a rubber tree The rubber produced by the tree makes many things like tires, belts and electrical wireing.
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