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Internet Safety

No description

Roxy Roessing

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Internet Safety

By: Ashlyn and Roxy Internet Safety Tips for staying safe on the internet:
NEVER open an e-mail or a link from someone you don't know.
NEVER give your name or other personal information to anyone online.
Make sure you have a "strong" password.
Don't go on inappropriate sites. Risks of using the internet:
You could get viruses from just being on a bad website
If you're not on appropriate sites, you could get in trouble.
If you don't use the internet in the correct way, you could get it taken away. What information should I give out on the internet?
First, try to give the least amount of personal information as you can.
You can give out your first name, or a nickname.
You could give out your hobbies.
But NEVER give out anything personal. Ways to prevent cyber bullying:
Ignore the bullies.
Tell someone about the situation.
Block the person.
Change your emails/user names and passwords.
Report them. ^6. What are some signals or warning signs that could mean your safety is in jeopardy? THANK YOUUUUU!
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